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Mike Huckabee maintained Obama grew up in Kenya on Feb. 28; walked it back today

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Audio clip from Media Matters

WASHINGTON--Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, mulling a 2012 presidential run, insisted on a New York radio show that President Obama was born in Kenya--a totally wrong statement.

Huckabee's statement was first reported by the liberal group, Media Matters.

On Feb. 28 Huckabee said on WOR's The Steve Malzberg Show yesterday--during "birther" conversation about the Hawaii born president.

MALZBERG: Don't you think it's fair also to ask him, I know your stance on this. How come we don't have a health record, we don't have a college record, we don't have a birth cer - why Mr. Obama did you spend millions of dollars in courts all over this country to defend against having to present a birth certificate. It's one thing to say, I've -- you've seen it, goodbye. But why go to court and send lawyers to defend against having to show it? Don't you think we deserve to know more about this man?

HUCKABEE: I would love to know more. What I know is troubling enough. And one thing that I do know is his having grown up in Kenya, his view of the Brits, for example, very different than the average American. When he gave the bust back to the Brits --

MALZBERG: Of Winston Churchill.

HUCKABEE: The bust of Winston Churchill, a great insult to the British. But then if you think about it, his perspective as growing up in Kenya with a Kenyan father and grandfather, their view of the Mau Mau Revolution in Kenya is very different than ours because he probably grew up hearing that the British were a bunch of imperialists who persecuted his grandfather.

From Media Matters: a spokesman for Huckabee walked back his comments on Tuesday:

"Governor Huckabee simply misspoke when he alluded to President Obama growing up in 'Kenya.' The Governor meant to say the President grew up in Indonesia. When the Governor mentioned he wanted to know more about the President, he wasn't talking about the President's place of birth - the Governor believes the President was born in Hawaii. The Governor would however like to know more about where President Obama's liberal policies come from and what else the President plans to do to this country - as do most Americans."

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