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Durbin on Jim Tyree: "A life well-lived endures"

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WASHINGTON--Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) remembered Jim Tyree, chairman and CEO of Mesirow Financial and chairman of Sun-Times Media who died on Wednesday, for his inspiring "positive view of life."

Durbin on Mr. Tyree: "Jim Tyree's determination and positive view of life inspired me and all he met. I will never forget Jim walking into my office only a few weeks after a double-organ transplant to tell me he was diabetes-free for the first time in his adult life and urging me to support stem-cell research and diabetes research to spare others the ordeal he had borne. After all his many battles I came to think Jim was indestructible. His passing is a reminder of our ultimate frailty but a testament that a life well-lived endures."

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