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Rahm surprised by Braun for mayor backers Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rep. Bobby Rush. UPDATED


rahm jesse jackson.JPGRahm Emanuel and Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, a backer of mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun (photo by Lynn Sweet)

CHICAGO--Mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel's campaign was surprised when high profile backers of rival Carol Moseley Braun--Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) showed up a the South Side restaurant where his campaign planned a photo op of him dining with supporters in an African American neighborhood.

Emanuel was dining with a campaign co-chair, Zipporah Hightower and her son, Jack at the Chicago's Home of Chicken and Waffle at 3747 S. Martin Luther King Dr., not far from Jackson's Operation PUSH headquarters at 930 E. 50th St.

Jackson was already seated when Emanuel came in and Rush followed a little later. Things got a little raucous. "Everybody for Carol, up on your feet," Rush called out, with Jackson and chunk of the room standing up as Emanuel munched on his lunch.

"This is a favorite eating place on the South Side," said Jackson. "He comes as a tourist, we come as residents" (An Emanuel spokesman said he has been to the Chicken and Waffle two or three times.)

Rush lobbed another shot at Emanuel on his way out. Speaking to reporters he said, "I don't expect I'll see him here again. This is a one shot," but at least the publicity may "help a black business," Rush said.

Emanuel in response, outside the restaurant: "They can say whatever they want, everybody can do whatever they want. It actually was very nice and spirited because guess what, Chicago matters and it is worth fighting for Chicago. And that has been my attitude. So it does not matter what anybody says or what they say about me. Cause if we don't turn this city around, it is going to be harder on their kids."

rahm carol sign.JPGCorner of 39th and Cottage Grove, 1:52 p.m. Chicago time, day before election day, 2011. (Photo by Lynn Sweet)

FOOTNOTE: The food looked great and I would have stayed on for lunch but the line for seats was too long.

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Jackson is seriously a tourist in Chicago. Go back to Washington, Jesse. Oh wait - you aren't wanted there either, are you? pffft... hot air

This type of comments from both Jackson and Rush doesn’t surprise me. If our next Mayor is supposed to be Mayor of all of Chicago, well where is Home of Chicken and Waffle located? Well last I heard the address is 3747 S. Martin Luther King Drive.
Well I think that is Chicago is it not. That is the difference in this whole campaign as one candidate has kept race and political bashing out of the campaign. Rahm Emanuel wants to be the Mayor of all of Chicago, not one particular location. Through this whole Campaign Braun and Chico spent most of their time attacking Rahm Emanuel instead of focusing on issues. Remember what Braun did when she was a US Senator. What did Chico do when he was in charge of the School Board? Chicago remember which candidate stands out to have more class then the others. Which candidate spent the campaign focusing on the issues and not attacking others? Which candidate has more experience then any of the others and would move Chicago forward, not backwards. Chicago vote for Rahm Emanuel as he is the candidate for positive change.

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