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Obama boosting Rahm Emanuel: Very sore point for mayoral rivals

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CHICAGO--At earlier stages in his career--when he still needed help from local figures-- President Obama either worked with or asked for and received the endorsements of three major Chicago mayoral hopefuls--Carol Moseley Braun, Miguel del Valle and Gery Chico.

In a revealing story by Chicago Sun-Times political writer Abdon M. Pallasch, contenders Del Valle, Braun and Chico talk about the Obama back stabbing.

On Obama's way up--including the early stages of his pitched presidential primary campaign with Hillary Rodham Clinton--front-runner Rahm Emanuel stayed under a desk.
Obama has done a political sleight of hand with his nonendorsement endorsement for his former chief of staff--allowing Emanuel to make campaign ads of the warm send off he hosted for him when he left the White House, an event designed in part to yield material for ads--and let Obama make the weak argument that he stayed above the fray.

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