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Obama featured in Rahm Emanuel for Chicago mayor radio spot

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President Obama touts Rahm Emanuel for mayor in a radio spot released on Friday that will be played intensively on Chicago radio. While Obama has not officially endorsed Emanuel for mayor, he gave Emanuel a major send-off in the East Room of the White House on Oct. 1 when he stepped down to return to Chicago. Emanuel has use of the audio and video from that event. For practical political matters, heavy play of the Obama material from the October send-off will make it a minor matter--whether or not Obama issues an "official" endorsement. It will become a distinction without a difference.

Emanuel got choked up at his good-bye event--which he had a big hand in orchestrating.

below, from Emanuel campaign...


The Chicago for Rahm Emanuel campaign today released a new radio spot featuring President Barack Obama. In audio captured during Rahm's White House send-off, the President praises Rahm Emanuel for serving at his side as Chief of Staff during some of the toughest years our country has faced in generations. "There was no candidate for the job of Chief of Staff who would meet the bill as well as Rahm Emanuel," says President Obama. "He was not allowed to say no."

You can listen to the spot here.


President Obama: When I first started assembling this administration, I knew we were about to face some of the most difficult years this country has seen in generations.

VO: President Barack Obama, last year.

President Obama: I needed somebody at my side who I could count on to help get the job done. There was no candidate for the job of Chief of Staff who would meet the bill as well as Rahm Emanuel. And that's why I told him he had no choice in the matter. He was not allowed to say no. This was a great sacrifice for Rahm, Amy and the family, to move out here. He has been a great friend of mine. He has been a selfless public servant, he has been an outstanding Chief of Staff.

VO: Rahm Emanuel

RE: Thank you Mr. President, for your warm friendship, your confidence and the opportunity to serve you and our country. I give you my word that even as I leave the White House I will never leave that spirit of service behind.


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