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Bill Clinton in Chicago for Rahm Emanuel triggers more national coverage of mayor's race

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rahm clinton.jpgPhoto by the Chicago Sun-Times

Former President Bill Clinton hit Chicago on Tuesday to boost Rahm Emanuel's mayoral campaign. Read Chicago Sun-Times Abdon M. Pallasch report here on the event at the Cultural Center.
The Clinton event is making heavy national news in print and broadcast outlets. On Tuesday night John King over at CNN chewed over the significance of Clinton coming to Chicago with Roland Martin and the BGA's Andy Shaw. At MSNBC, Ed Schultz featured a segment pegged to the Clinton visit.

Excerpt from Bill Clinton speech: "Now, Rahm's not even six feet tall. He probably weighs about 150 pounds dripping wet, but in all the ways it matters he is a very big person for this job.

"....And I watched Rahm labor in President Obama's White House and listened to him and the president and our leaders in Congress being called socialists and every other -- more unkind names, and they just kept on doing what had to be done to turn this country around. So he's a big person. He's made big decisions and he has paid attention to how they should be implemented.

"...You need a big mayor. .... f you want a big mayor, if you want to be faithful to the spirit of Carl Sandburg's poem, if you want to reinvent yourself one more time and come out better than ever, if you want the Windy City to have a gale-force of leadership, Rahm Emanuel is your mayor."

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