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Rahm Emanuel in Jonathan Alter's "The Promise" Epilogue

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WASHINGTON--Here's another look at Chicago Mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel, in the new epilogue written by Jonathan Alter for the paperback edition of his bestseller, "The Promise: President Obama, Year One."

Alter devotes a chapter in the book--headlined "Rahmbo"--about Emanuel, President Obama's former Chief of Staff. "Rahm," Alter wrote, "played by his own rules."

In the Alter epilogue, previewed in the Huffington Post, "The Obama administration's perceived failure to take laser-like aim at the unemployment crisis was partly due to the dysfunctional relationship between White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, top economic adviser Larry Summers and senior adviser David Axelrod, specifically the intransigence of Summers.

According to Alter, a North Side Chicago native, "The inability to pivot in 2010 to a single-minded focus on jobs was a by-product of what one senior aide called "dysfunction" between Emanuel, Summers, and Axelrod. Rahm had always admired Larry, but he was becoming exasperated with his failure to give him a jobs plan he could sell. 'Week after week, Rahm would say, 'Let's explore this' or 'How about that?' and Larry would slow-walk everything,' recalled one senior advisor. 'He basically doesn't believe in the government helping small business'."

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