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Sen. Mark Kirk to cut 15 percent from his Senate office budget

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WASHINGTON--Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) announced he will cut his Senate office budget by 15 percent. Kirk was sworn in on Nov. 29. In a non-government e-mail he sent out on Thursday, Kirk said, "What a month it's been. We now represent 12.6 million people - 19 times more than a 650,000-person congressional district. Since taking office on November 29th, we received more than 136,000 phone calls and 25,000 e-mails from Illinois citizens. We opened offices in Washington, Chicago and Springfield. And to set an example of fiscal restraint, the cost to run our Senate office will be 15% less than the previous year."

I asked two Kirk spokesmen for details about the 15 percent office budget reduction. This is the answer I got from spokesman Lance Trover: "Senator Kirk will spend 15% less in FY 2011 to operate the Illinois junior Senator's office than was spent in FY 2010."

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And he will spend a lot more money in all those satellite offices. 15% of whose dollars? He should submit his office budget to the public so that the public can track his "real" operating cost reductions which will of course include all the offices in the state that he supervises. His promise, needs to be verified. Wasn't that what Reagan said?? "Trust but verify".

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