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Mark Kirk votes against advancing START Treaty: Measure advances 67-28


WASHINGTON--The Senate on Tuesday voted 67-28 to advance the New START nuclear treaty with Russia--enough votes to ratify the treaty. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) voted against advancing the measure. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and all other Democrats voting were for moving the treaty to the final vote.

Passing the treaty is a top Obama White House priority. A treaty needs 67 votes to pass.

The Obama White House found 11 Republican votes:
Alexander, Bennett (UT), Brown (MA), Cochran, Collins, Corker, Isakson, Lugar, Murkowski, Snowe, Voinovich.


I say, good for Mark Kirk. Obama is attempting the paper diplomacy style of his good buddy Bill Clinton. Hold up a worthless piece of paper and the media will salivate over such an accomplishment. You remember the treaty Bill signed with North Korea, we give you billions, you don't make an atomic bomb. People will eventually forget.

The media debate is in full swing about the President’s huge lame duck session, and what it will mean for his poll numbers. Now as we sit on the precipice of the START treaty ratification, I felt it was important to glance back in the history of this President and see why exactly we are here today. A kind of struggle through the white noise if you will:

The START treaty is supported by the Pentagon, our NATO allies and pretty much anyone who has ever held a serious position dealing with national security policy including every former Secretary of State, five former Secretaries of Defense, nine former National Security Advisors, and eight former commanders of our strategic nuclear weapons. They support START because it is increases US security and strengthens our hand in dealing with today's urgent issues of nuclear proliferation and terrorism.

Americans want to see leaders that put our country first and set aside partisanship in the interest of the greater good. Now would be a good time for Senator Kirk to heed that call.

I voted for Kirk in the general election.
But if he's going to play these "vote against Obama" games it won't happen again.
I don't believe for a minute he believes it's a bad treaty.

Kirk reverts to form and votes with the Neantrathals

So who voted for this bozo anyway?

Elections do have consequences.

Thanks for standing firm against START.

Since Don't Ask, Don't Tell has been repealed, I suggest you sponsor a bill that will require any active military personnel who is HIV+ be honorably discharged from active service to prevent transmission by blood contamination, and take them out of the blood donor pool.

This bill is about safety of our military troops and has nothing to do with how the person became infected. Since there is no cure nor prevention means, especially in combat, then removing a source of contaminated blood is the only way to keep our troops safe in combat.

Mark Kirk is a pathological liar (see military resume).

What do you expect from this loser?

Is it too early to ask for Kirk to resign or start a recall?

Tomorrow's another day. As a member of the military, why would Senator Kirk not listen to the advice of this country's most senior uniformed officers who all strongly support New START? The Cold War is over. Nuclear weapons don;t protect against us against today's threats. New START is a modest step. After New START, the US will still have 1550 deployed strategic nuclear weapons -- and many more in storage. Hardly disarmament.

Kirk knows the treaty is a good deal for the US and for US-Russian relations. Too bad he wasn't ready to buck McConnell's leadership. McConnell is a disgrace. But it is not too late for Kirk to grow into the job as Brown has.

Kirk is a disgrace, we've let our partner, Mr. Medvedev down here, and let the Russian natonalists win this debate.

I heard on the news today, that the US is getting ready to shut down any missile programs based on the recent Start treaty vote. If true, then our security is comprimised by reliance on Russian missiles and there are 2 possibilities that could have occured to put this country in such a position. Subversive action or just plain stupidity. Who in the world would trust the Russians anyway?

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