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Marine Corps Commandant Against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal


WASHINGTON--The Senate Armed Services Committee on Friday--in a second day of hearings on the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the ban on allowing gays to serve openly in the military heard from the top leaders of each service branch.

Marine Corps commandant, Gen. James Amos-as expected--said in his testimony the repeal should not be implemented at this time, what with half of the Marine Corps engaged in war fighting efforts.

He said in prepared testimony a Pentagon survey on the repeal--which recommended the ban be lifted--found Marines in particular "viewed repeal negatively regarding unit effectiveness, unit readiness and cohesion."

Amos added, "Their message to me is that the potential exists for disruption to the successful execution of our current combat mission should repeal be implemented at this time."


Can gay soldiers fight? Yes. Thats all that matters since our military is there to fight, not have sex. Only someone who is insecure about his own sexuality would care. On another side of the issue is the fact that 30% of all women in the service have reported sexual harassment. Looks like the straight men are more disruptive to the services.

The United States Marines: The few. The proud. The too chicken to defend America if they have to do it fighting next to a gay dude.

If homosexuals can sleep and bathe with their sexual objects -- men or women of the same sex -- will heterosexuals have the right to sleep and bathe with the objects of their sexual desire?

Congrats to Gen Amos for maintaining the only level head in the discussion. There may be a time to experiment with openly gay marines, but right now is not the time. I still haven't heard a good argument as to why the gay folks feel that they need to publicize their sexual activities... frankly, I would really rather not know if someone is gay...I don't need to know...if the argument is "what does being gay have to do with doing my job" then I whole heartedly agree...keep it to yourself and we will all be happy.

I'd say that non-Marines and people who've never been in combat have insufficient data to judge the USMC on this issue.

I served stateside in USMC 1961 - 1965 and am a Vietnam Era Veteran.

Hey Glen. My husband is a Marine of 18yrs. He's in Afghanistan right now. You wouldn't have the balls to say that to his face I assure you. We have 2 gays men who are the God Fathers of our 2 children. Even they don't agree with it. They don't want to force their sexuality on other and make them uncomfortable. Military men and women have to shower together among othe things and their right to be comfortable sround others shouldn't be taken away either.

God Bless the Marines.

Can gay soldiers fight? Yes. Thats all that matters since our military is there to fight, not have sex.

Sums it all really parable...

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