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Carol Moseley Braun also warns Bill Clinton to stay out of Chicago mayoral race. UPDATE



Braun's campaign issued a second, stronger statement hitting Clinton for "parachuting" into Chicago and slammed Emanuel on several fronts. Her statement at the end of the post.


Chicago Mayoral hopeful former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun (D-Ill.) added her voice to a warning issued by mayoral rival Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.): Don't come to Chicago to campaign for Rahm Emanuel or risk his relationship with African Americans.

On Tuesday, Davis got this ball rolling when he issued a statement telling Clinton to stay away from the mayoral election. Emanuel is the front-runner and Davis and Braun--both African American--need a big black vote if they have any chance of coming in second. The Feb. 22 contest is non-partisan and if no one gets 50 percent, a run-off between the top two finishers will be held April 5. Davis told me in an interview he also wanted President Obama--who has been helpful to Emanuel's campaign--to stay out of the mayoral contest. My column on this is here.

Here's what is new: Though Clinton appointed Braun as ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa after she lost her Senate re-election bid, a statement from her campaign issued Wednesday morning was strongly worded:

Said Braun,"Bill Clinton is an outsider parachuting in to support another outsider. Rahm's residency status continues to be challenged in court. It's not yet clear that he will be on the ballot. At the same time former president Clinton risks his legacy and the great respect that he has enjoyed among African Americans by coming to Chicago to endorse Rahm Emanuel who is running for mayor against two black candidates.

"Clinton should remember New Hampshire where he called Barack Obama's opposition to the war in Iraq 'a fairy tale.' He was wrong.

"Clinton should remember South Carolina where he played the race card painting Obama as "the black candidate". Again he was wrong. Bill Clinton will be wrong again if he gets involved in the Chicago mayoral contest. He should stay home and avoid
the cold."

below, from Moseley Braun campaign....


December 29, 2010 -- Chicago mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun issued the following statement regarding President Bill Clinton's fundraising efforts on behalf of Rahm Emanuel:

"Bill Clinton's decision to parachute into Chicago to support Rahm Emanuel is an example of an outsider coming to town to support another outsider.

"We know that Mr. Clinton and Emanuel have a relationship. But if Rahm is going to invite his buddies to Chicago to campaign for him then he ought to invite his friend Bart Stupak, who along with Rahm took a woman's right to choose out of the health care bill. He ought to invite his buddy Tom Tancredo who blocked the Dream Act. Or he can have his friend Leland Brendsel stop by. Brendsel was in charge of Freddie Mac and played a huge role in the mortgage meltdown, and was a major Rahm contributor.

"Chicago voters are sophisticated and they can see through Rahm's smoke and they can see past his mirrors. Voters are going to look at the issues that impact their lives and decide which candidate puts their interests first, and which candidate does not."

# # #


Moseley-Braun & Davis, have some nerve implying that Black people aren't able to make an educated and informed choice. And that Black people have to vote Black based solely on race. I, for one, will not be voting for either of them.

Another racial comment. Why do the black candidates continue to play the race card? Rahm Emanuel wants to be the Mayor of all Chicagoans. It seems that Moseley-Braun, Davis, and Meeks only think of the black community.
And where is the Tribune editorial staff? They would be screaming loudly if a candidate made an appeal solely to the white community.

Strikes me as presumptuous for Ms. Mosely-Braun to say, no? I campaigned for her in the '90's, but I have to say she was not impressive in the '08 Democratic Presidential debates.

This is so ridiculous! Now candidates are telling who can and can not campaign for!
Why? Is Clinton such a threat to Braun and Davis! Stay out of my backyard or criss cross apple sauce no one else can play with us and if they do we will knock them blue!
Totally ridiculous! Get a campaign!

What is it with these candidates, Braun, Meeks, Davis and their feelings of entitlement. Do they actually believe that they own the African American voters to the degree that they have a gifted right to become Mayor of Chicago. Let me tell you this Racism is alive and well in the United States and these three publicly vouch for that with their statements about this coming election.

They both need to shut up! I'm an African-American woman who supports Rahm and would love to have Bill Clinton come to Chicago.

Carol Mostly Brown is as dumb as that senile old fool Davis.

Please just shut up, Carol.

Clinton aside, it's positively chilling to imagine either Braun or Davis as the next mayor of Chicago. Absolutely chilling.

chicago needs a intelligent mayor like rahm, not a mayor who is in office for a certain race of people, good luck chicago.

so basically she is a racist as is danny davis, because in their eyes it is wrong to support a non-black candidate

to: bill clinton
from: chicago
re: mayoral election.


Really? Really Carol? Come on. You and Davis are MAKING this a race-card race. If you think you are helping your own cause by trying to blackmail President Clinton, you are sadly mistaken. This to the man who gave you such support during your carreer. Shame on you.

Carol Mosey who? the women that hid her mother's money so she wouldn't have to give it to the state when she placed her mother in a nursing home? Who is she to request Bill Clinton not to come and support his friend? Who is she to state that he will lose the respect of Black Americans. How dare her make such a threat to any person. I would surely hope that Bill Clinton will not back down from racist threat!!!!

Nice. I think that white people should tell blacks that if they support black candidates, they won't be welcome in the white community. How long are whites going to allow black racists to say whatever they want without facing retribution? How much longer do we have until these great black candidates turn Chicago into Detroit or Cleveland?

Braun turned out to be an embarassement to the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, the US Senate and the Clinton Administration. Carol just stay on your pig farm or whatever it is and do whatever it is you do!

""Clinton should remember New Hampshire where he called Barack Obama's opposition to the war in Iraq 'a fairy tale.' He was wrong. "

Just exactly how was he wrong? Braun and Davis do the African American community a great disservice by painting them as petulant children unable to engage in spirited political debate. They have no place in politics if that is what they believe.

Clinton doesn't even need to campaign on Rahm's behalf. Your idiotic comments have pretty much solidified he will be our next mayor. CMB you are a loon!!

if you think either one of you will beat rahm your wasting your time and money, the 2 (davis and braun) of you couldn't run this city if you did it together.

Why do black candidates feel that we as black people can’t make a sound decision about who to vote for? If Clinton was going to town to campaign on their behalf they would welcome him with open arms. Black candidate’s thinks we should just vote for them because they say so or a group of black’s people get together and say this is who we vote for. I think they are confused about the time this is not the 1800’s. We now have our own voice and can speak and think for ourselves…

Why does Rahm even feel the need to have President Clinton campaign for him? This campaign has turned into a circus of outsiders. Is Rahm going to bring in Bart Stupak who helped him take away women's reproductive rights in the health care bill. How about any of his anti-union buddies who helped him kill the employee free choice act? I wonder if any of his CEO buddies from Freddie Mac will hold a rally for him?

OMG, omg1 - are you from my old neighborhood growing up? I didn't think anyone knew our "criss cross apple sauce no one else can play with us and if they do we will knock them blue" mantra. LOL! OK--And why does Moseley-Braun call Rahm an outsider? He's a Chicagoan, through and through!

A big part of the problem is Carol and Danny don't have anyone even close to this caliber who will campaign for them. Maybe Danny can bring in Rev. Moon, after all he did crown him "parent of the world" in a ceremony in Congress.

Clinton MADE Moseley Braun's career. She was given so much by him and others in the Democratic Party, and screwed up at every turn.

I'm not ready to call her or Davis racists, but they surely are the worst kind of opportunists. Get ready for them to combine forces and continue their shameless opportunistic race baiting until the election is over. They will only reinforce each others worst instincts, and bring out the worst in voters.

It's sad when your campaigns are so lacking that you have to rely on bringing out the worst in people to get votes. Fortunately most Chicagoans of all races and religions are far too intelligent to fall for these kinds of tactics.


to: mike evans

from: chicago

re: mayoral campaign

You don't speak for all Chicagoans.

Why are Meek's, Braun and David making this election so racial? It drives me crazy!
Everyone should vote for the person they think will be the best mayor for Chicago.
Their race should not be a consideration!

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