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Sen. Dick Durbin on tax deal: "God bless Tiny Tim and Donald Trump."

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WASHINGTON--As the Senate is poised to take up a controversial compromise tax deal--blasted by some on the left and on the right-- Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) summed it up this way for who it helps: "God bless Tiny Tim and Donald Trump."

Durbin made the quip in a Tuesday morning interview with Harry Smith on CBS, when he was asked to predict if the tax deal will pass the House. As of now, its fate is uncertain.

"Well, I can tell you that that vote last night in the Senate was overwhelming," Durbin said of the procedural vote to advance the legislation.

"When over 80 United States senators of both political parties support a measure, I think the House takes notice. But let me say, I understand the resistance in the House among some Democrats. You know, this bill, I think, gets high marks for economic stimulus, moving us forward and out of this recession. But in the spirit of the season, it does say, "God bless Tiny Tim and Donald Trump."

"It gives the wealthiest in America a tax break at a time when they don't need it, shouldn't have it. But it was part of the compromise the Republicans insisted on."

The deal, negotiated between President Obama and Republicans gives several tax breaks to the nation's wealthiest, in exchange for extension of jobless benefits and a shave in a payroll tax all earners have to pay. Thus the Tiny Tim and Trump comparison.

Smith asked, "But at the end of the day, will the House go along? Because it's clear that the senators are on board. Will the House do this, and will it get done by Christmas?"

Durbin predicted, "I think it will be done by Christmas. I think there may be several stages in this debate. But ultimately those who oppose it will have their day."

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