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Schakowsky to MSNBC's Ed Schultz: Issa on "witch hunt" with Obama investigations

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below, courtesy of Federal News Service.....

MR. SCHULTZ: Joining me now is Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Chicago.

Congresswoman, good to have you back on the program.


MR. SCHULTZ: Glad you got re-elected.


MR. SCHULTZ: You're a fighter for lefties in this country and you speak truth.

Is this all a get-back in the -- because of the work that Henry Waxman did during the Bush years when we had no-bid contracts and issues with Halliburton and all kinds of intel issues? I mean, you know what we went through in the Bush years. Is this a get-back?

REP. SCHAKOWSKY: Well, actually, Henry Waxman, in the whole two years that he chaired that same committee, only had something like 206 oversight hearings. Darrell Issa is talking not just about 280 hearings, seven subcommittees, a hearing a week; he says one or two. That could be 560 hearings in 40 weeks.

The man is on a -- you know, he's on a hunt right now, really a witch hunt, I think. And, you know, every time he makes these accusations, somebody has to come along, put their hand over his mouth, and he has to walk it back. He called Barack Obama one of the most corrupt presidents ever. That's the perspective that he's coming from. Of course, now he's trying to walk it back.

But instead of looking at -- for example, there's a lot of things he could investigate -- why the insurance companies are continuing to raise their rates. I'd be for that. But, no, I think it's going to be more like Dan Burton. I was on that committee when Dan Burton chaired it, and he had over a thousand hearings looking into every tiny little aspect of the Clinton administration. And I fear that we're going to have the same kind of witch hunt occupying all of the time and just a bunch of nonsense, frankly.

MR. SCHULTZ: Well, he's talking about the stimulus package. Governors are involved in dishing out the money for the stimulus package.

REP. SCHAKOWSKY: That's right.

MR. SCHULTZ: And I hope he goes that far on Republican governors as they sat on a lot of these dollars in their state budgets and didn't disburse the money out to get these projects going. So I'm going to follow this investigation that Mr. Issa is doing.

REP. SCHAKOWSKY: Well, I'm looking forward -- I'm looking forward to that too, because, you know, a number of those governors have said, "Oh, I'm against the stimulus. Don't send any money."


REP. SCHAKOWSKY: And then, of course, they took the money and went to all the ribbon cuttings of the projects that actually created jobs. Let him look at it. But what a waste of time. There really are things that need to be looked at in government. You know, the Defense Department has a number of projects, et cetera, that may be not worth spending, and we could make some legitimate cuts there. He wants to reduce the size of government. Even the secretary of Defense agrees with that. He could help us with that. But no --

MR. SCHULTZ: But this is -- all of this, Congresswoman, is based on a hunch. This is all based on they want to just go in and see if they find anything. There really hasn't been any overt laws broken or anything that's been politically or publicly out there.

REP. SCHAKOWSKY: No, no, Ed, this is not about a hunch. This is about a strategy.


REP. SCHAKOWSKY: Mitch McConnell said it very clearly.


REP. SCHAKOWSKY: He said, "Our job now for the next two years is to defeat Barack Obama when he runs for re-election."

MR. SCHULTZ: And hopefully this will take us down the road of impeachment.


MR. SCHULTZ: I mean, Darrell, you know, he's saying, well, that's really not what he's looking for. The hell it isn't. And also his arrogance -- he says in the Politico article, "As Clint Eastwood says, a man needs to know his limitations." What is this, a "Dirty Harry" movie? Are we going to nickname him "Dirty Darrell" now, doing all these investigations? For what, wasting taxpayer dollars? And how do we -- if they find nothing, who pays the price? President Obama either way, because there's going to be the talking point out there, the speculation that he ran a crooked administration.

REP. SCHAKOWSKY: You know, that's the plan. But I really have a feeling that there's going to be buyer's remorse sooner rather than later. Darrell Issa is one of the most partisan members of the Congress. He has overstepped so many times. As I said, there's somebody in the wings always having to put their hand over his mouth, and then he has to go walk it back.

I don't think that this strategy is going to work. I really don't.

MR. SCHULTZ: Congresswoman, great to have you with us.

REP. SCHAKOWSKY: Thank you, Ed.

MR. SCHULTZ: I appreciate your time tonight. You bet.


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