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Rahm Emanuel on GOP retaking House: Seeking comfort with Jack Daniels


Chicago mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel was the architect of the House Democrats 2006 victories which resulted in Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House. Emanuel, then the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Commitee on Tuesday night saw his work undone, as CNN predicted that the Republicans will retake the House. So what is Emanuel doing Tuesday night? Quipped an aide: "He's with friends and a bottle of Jack Daniels."


I had the same reaction, except with Glenlivet. This is just another hard one to swallow. I take comfort in the fact that my political hero deals with this news the same way I do.

underestimate himself. I hate politics so much I am fueled by a righteous anger for making me get involved. Everybody's gotta pay. Daddy's home. When daddy comes home and shyytt aint right, everybody get's it. And the police know to cruise the other blocks, cause they might get bent over the kneee themselves.

Daddy's Home. He had his chance to do it right.

Jack just helps fire up the blood a little bit. No big deal. I learned my drink.

Rahm is also using language so foul, some people have to google the terms to fully understand them. ENOUGH FREE PUBLICITY FOR RAHM! Rahm will not become KING of Chicago, er, I meant Mayor.

Let me first say that Lynn Sweet is one of the all-time great political reporters in Chicago and has been for a long time...maybe even better than old Basil T. (ha).

Rahm E. will be the next mayor, so we better all get ready for it. REally, who else can conceivably take over this city, after almost 44 years of Daley rule? It has to be someone equally as tough, emotional,single-minded,impervious,and as willing to be unpopular. Where else but Chgo. can these qualities be the best attributes for public office? He'll win and maybe he'll start a new dynasty, though I doubt it. The southside Irish machine will rise again, after they find someone who doesnt' have the "outside lady" problems that Dart had.

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