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Quinn beats Brady in Illinois governor race; says lead is "insurmountable"


Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn won the Illinois governor race, beating GOP rival Bill Brady by about 19,400 votes, according to an analysis Thursday of uncounted votes by the Associated Press.

Quinn stopped by Manny's Deli off Roosevelt Road south of the Loop and declared at the corn beef palace that his lead was "insurmountable."

The Sun-Times political writer Abdon M. Pallasch reports that Quinn said,
"I think our lead is insurmountable -- I think it may grow a little bit. The numbers are basically there. The basic laws of arithmetic are on our side. Those wondering about the results of the election, they just have to look at the count right now and that will tell them the results right there."

Quinn/Simon campaign manager Ben Nuckels in an e-mail to supporters. "While we will wait for every vote to be counted, our current lead is more than 19,000 votes. We don't see a path to victory for Senator Brady, and we believe we have won."

Quinn's lieutenant governor running mate is Sheila Simon, the daughter of the late Sen. Paul Simon (D-Ill.)


Thank you people of IL.

Too bad Quinn won't know how to use the basic laws of arithmetic to manage the state budget. Too bad all those unions that told their members to vote for Quinn ignored the basic laws of arithmetic.

Detroit went to hell before the people who live there learned about socialist politicians.

Adolf Hitler, a famous socialist, destroyed Germany before he ever learned to admit failure.

The Suntimes endorsed Blago, Stroger, Daley, and Quinn. Chicago, Crook county, and Illinois all have large insurmountable budget deficits. Can you do the math ?

How can Quin have 19,000 more votes than Kirk

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