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Obama hurt in basketball game; 12 stitches as a result of elbow in the lip


President Obama was hit in lip during a Friday basketball game, the White House said, and needed 12 stitches. Obama was playing with aide Reggie Love and members of his family.

According to a statement from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, "After being inadvertently hit with an opposing player's elbow in the lip while playing basketball with friends and family, the President received 12 stitches today administered by the White House Medical Unit. They were done in the doctor's office located on the ground floor of the White House."

The pool report noted that "the medical unit that treated Obama used a smaller filament than typically used, which increases the number of stitches but makes a tighter stitch and results in a smaller scar. Obama was given a local anesthetic while receiving the stitches."



Why did they place him in front of the window with an ice pack for the photographers? One reason.. sympathy.

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