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Melissa Bean--Walsh Illinois 8 House race remains unresolved


The photo finish House race in Illinois 8--between Rep. Melissa Bean and GOP challenger Joe Walsh--is still not resolved. There are still uncounted ballots. Walsh right now is a few hundred votes ahead and is headed to Washington next week for freshman orientation.

Bean said through a spokesman, Gabby Adler,"Every single day that ballots have been counted following Election Day, the margin of votes separating Congresswoman Melissa Bean and Mr. Walsh has continued to shrink.

"Now, more than ever, this race remains too close to call. While we wait for additional ballots to be counted, we remain encouraged by the favorable results we've seen in suburban Cook County. In fact, nearly 70 percent of the absentee ballots counted since Election Day in Cook County were cast in support of Congresswoman Bean, which suggests that similar absentee numbers will be reported in Lake and McHenry between now and November 16th."


"Nearly 70% of the absentee ballots... in Cook County were cast in support of... Bean, which suggests that similar absentee numbers will be reported in Lake and McHenry..."

Hahaha! How dumb does Bean think we are? Just because she does well in parts of Cook County where Democrats and the dead voted for her in droves doesn't mean that Lake and McHenry counties will drink her Kool-Aid!

Buh-Bye Bean! Welcome to unemployment!

The dem fraud machine is a little late getting the votes delivered to the burbs. Did they forget in which trunk they were holding the spare ballots?

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