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I found Jon Stewart's comments enlightening. He said he thought the responsibility of real journalism was to reveal corruption. His job is to exaggerate the revelations and give them perspective. The 4th estate was given a special place in our constitution to keep the american people informed and government honest. Free press is essential to keeping our young democracy from the errors that led to deterioration of other historical attempts at democracy. There is always someone who wants to OWN, to DOMINATE, to RULE and it is up to the FREE Press to identify those dangerous individuals or groups. Ours is a young country and when it operates on principles, we all succeed. When Profit: becomes more important than people, wealth is more valuable than work, first responders stand by and allow a persons home to burn in Obion,TN because he didn't pay, or the TX FUTILE CARE ACT exists which allows DEATH PANELS to remove a patient's life support for lack of money, something is very wrong. And, across this nation it is good journalism that uncovers those uncivilized acts. Jon Stewart examines today's journalism and exposes it for what it has become: Heavily weighted towards propaganda outlets for the wealthy and most egregiously, cohorts in the attack on our democracy as too inefficient to exist.

He said he thought the responsibility of real journalism was to reveal corruption.

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