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GQ reports: Rahm Emanuel's "hostile" relationship with Attorney General Eric Holder

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Did Chicago mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel have it out for Attorney General Eric Holder? Or was he just trying to protect the Obama White House? The December issue of GQ has a story by Wil S. Hylton about the relationship of Holder and the former White House chief of staff.

GQ excerpts...

"A few days after Rahm Emanuel resigned as White House chief of staff in October, I stopped by the Justice Department to see Eric Holder. I had been meeting with the attorney general periodically for about a year (since he was named one of GQ's Men of the Year last December), and I knew from our conversations, as well as from Holder's friends and family, that the last few months had been a bumpy ride. But I also knew that many of Holder's frustrations on the job could be linked to his thorny relationship with Emanuel. I wondered if things were looking up."

"...Inside Obama's West Wing, Emanuel's hostility toward Holder has become so pitched at times that the president has had to intervene. "Occasionally, Rahm would cross the line about Eric," says a source with access to White House deliberations, "and the president would tell him, 'Rahm, knock it off.' " Inside Holder's circle of advisers, the frustration with Emanuel has been equally palpable."

1 Comment

I don't blame Rahm for having a bad relationship with Holder. His comment about America as a "nation of cowards" was just idiotic, plain idiotic. That was a gift to right wing talk radio. Rahm is a pragmatist and Holder is like that guy who's spiking the Koolaid with poison.

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