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FOX News Poll: Kirk, 46, Giannoulias, 42 / Brady 44, Quinn 38

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FOX News poll tracks with the latest PPP poll, predicting GOP wins in Illinois on Tuesday, with third party candidates maybe spoilers for Democrats Alexi Giannoulias running for Senate and Gov. Quinn.

FOX ILLINOIS SENATE Republican Mark Kirk, 46 to Giannoulias, 42, to Green Party LeAlan Jones, 6

FOX ILLINOIS GOVERNOR Republican Bill Brady, 44 percent to Quinn 38 percent. "In this race, the Democrat is suffering at the hands of two minor candidates, the Green Party's Rich Whitney and independent Scott Lee Cohen," Fox found.

below, from FOX News....

Obama's Senate Seat Leaning GOP

Republican chances to capture the Senate seat formerly held by President Obama are improving markedly in final days of the election.

Rep. Mark Kirk doubled his 2-point lead in last week's Fox News battleground state poll of likely voters, and now leads Democratic candidate Alexi Giannoulias 46 percent to 42 percent.

Giannoulias continues to suffer from Democratic defections to Green Party candidate LeAlan Jones, who drew 6 percent support, including 8 percent of Democrats.

In the state's gubernatorial election, Republican state Sen. Bill Brady added a point to his margin over incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn from last week's poll. Brady now leads Quinn by 6 points, 44 percent to 38 percent. In this race, the Democrat is suffering at the hands of two minor candidates, the Green Party's Rich Whitney and independent Scott Lee Cohen.

Whitney and Cohen are taking a combined 10 percent of the vote, largely from Democrats or liberal-leaning voters. Cohen, a successful pawnbroker, won the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor but was chased out of the race by Quinn and others after allegations of domestic violence emerged.

Kirk's improving performance in the Senate race may spring from greater voter confidence in his character. Kirk, who was found to have embellished the list of military citations he received, was seen as honest and trustworthy by only 18 percent a month ago. That number has nearly doubled and is now at 34 percent, even with the percent who don't trust him.

Giannoulias, meanwhile, has gone the other direction. Amid persistent questions about his family's failed bank and its connections to organized crime, the percentage of voters who distrust Giannoulias raised 11 points in a month to 45 percent.

President Obama's job approval rating in his home state remained steady at 46 percent, and his policies are viewed negatively. Sixty percent favor scrapping all (42 percent) or some (18 percent) of Obama's national health insurance law.

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