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"Welcome Back Rahm" video by rival camp dings Emanuel's "listening tour"

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WASHINGTON--Democratic strategist Joe Trippi advising Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart--an all but announced Chicago mayoral candidate--produced a video designed to give mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel a headache. Trippi's video, posted on Tuesday on his web site, patches together news reports from various outlets dealing with bumps in the road Emanuel faced on Monday--his first day on his "listening tour." Trippi played the "Welcome Back Kotter" theme music in the background of the video.--with the stress on the "welcome back" refrain--a reference to Emanuel's return to Chicago on Sunday after living in Washington D.C. since 2009--where he served as President Obama's chief of staff.

A painful-for-Emanuel scene: The close-up of Emanuel using what seemed to be hand sanitizer in a car after he did a meet and greet at a campaign stop.

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The only beef I have here is the snarky criticism of his use of hand sanitizer after one of his stops. This is flu season, EVERYONE should be using hand sanitizer when they cannot wash their hands after touching lots of people. It's the only way to effectively prevent the spread of germs and the flu.

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