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Schakowsky--Pollak 9th District League of Women Voters debate

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Below, statements from Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) and GOP challenger Joel Pollak following a candidate debate on Sunday..........

below, from Schakowsky.....

9th District Debate Shows Stark Differences Between Candidates
Schakowsky Highlights Opponent's Right Wing Views

EVANSTON, IL (October 11th, 2010) At the League of Women Voters sponsored candidate debate Sunday afternoon stark differences became apparent in the positions of the two candidates with respect to critical economic and political issues.

Schakowsky's Campaign Manager, Alex Armour, said that Republican Candidate Joel Pollak's statements in the debate showed clearly that his right wing views are inconsistent with the progressive values of the 9th District.

Pollak was greeted by loud boos from the audience when, in his closing statement, he made personal attacks on Schakowsky and her husband.

Armour noted that the Chicago Tribune criticized Pollak's tendency to resort to character attacks in its editorial endorsing Schakowsky. The Tribune Editorial called on Pollak to, "dial down the disdain for people who disagree with him."

Schakowsky's opening statement is below:


I am incredibly grateful that you have given me the responsibility of making decisions that affect the lives of so many Americans, and that back home I and my staff have been able to use the power of this office to help well over 25,000 residents, often in life changing ways.

This race offers a real choice.

I am proud to be a stand-up progressive, and at the same time, the National Journal ranks me as 31st most influential member of the U.S. House. My opponent is an active participant in the Tea Party.

I am dedicated to protecting Social Security from privatization and benefit cuts, and preventing the dismantling of Medicare by turning it into a voucher program. My opponent was the first candidate to support Congressman Paul Ryan's budget Roadmap that promises to do just that.

I am 100% pro-choice but my opponent had the former chair of Concerned Women for America, an organization that is staunchly anti-choice, headlining an event.

You can see more differences at the website of Project Vote Smart.

Increase the minimum wage? Schakowsky YES Pollak NO
Support affirmative action? Schakowsky YES Pollak NO
Support regulations to reduce Schakowsky YES Pollak NO
climate change?
Support drilling in federally Schakowsky NO Pollak YES
protected areas?
Support carrying concealed Schakowsky NO Pollak YES
Support ban on assault weapons? Schakowsky YES Pollak NO
Support a pathway to Schakowsky YES Pollak NO
Citizenship for undocumented
Support a public option? Schakowsky YES Pollak NO

There is one issue on which Joel and I agree - the importance of support for the state of Israel. Both political parties, and both candidates in this race, I site my 100% AIPAC voting record, are pro-Israel.

The Sun-Times and the Tribune have endorsed my reelection, but more importantly, I seek your endorsement and your vote.

below, from Pollak......


NILES, IL--OCTOBER 11, 2010: The Pollak campaign claimed a "lopsided victory" over Democrat incumbent Jan Schakowsky at the League of Women Voters 9th District Candidate Forum at Niles North High School in Skokie on Sunday afternoon.

The hour-long forum gave Republican challenger Joel Pollak a chance to highlight his positions on the economy, on heath care, and on foreign policy with clear, articulate answers, while criticizing the extreme views of his opponent, who struggled to defend her record.

"I have three main differences with my opponent," Pollak noted. "She wants to spend more and more money. I believe in fiscal responsibility. She wants to appease America's enemies. I believe in standing up for our allies. Most of all, she believes she can use our seat to pursue her radical agenda. I want to be a representative who represents the people to Washington, and not Washington to the people."

Pollak also pointed out his opponent's failures on spending, corruption, and national security.

The forum energized the many Pollak supporters who attended, while leaving Schakowsky supporters frustrated and disappointed.

"Clearly, after twelve years in Washington, Schakowsky has lost touch with the issues--and the district," Pollak observed.

Prior to the forum, the Schakowsky campaign broke League of Women Voters rules that had been signed by both candidates in advance, and which provided: "Literature may not be handed to audience members as they enter or inside the Auditorium." Schakowsky's campaign handed out flyers to attendees waiting in line to enter the auditorium, until officials intervened.

Pollak described his opponent from the stage as a politician who believes she doesn't have to play by the same rules as other Americans.

"The rules of this forum were clear. No literature was to be handed out except at the tables. Jan Schakowsky, you broke the rules before the forum even began," Pollak said in his opening remarks.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Pollak also publicly invited Rep. Schakowsky to debate him at a Town Hall meeting scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn at 5300 W. Touhy Ave. in Skokie. Thus far, Schakowsky's campaign has not responded to repeated invitations to a full debate.

1 Comment

I made no personal attacks on Schakowsky, nor character attacks. I pointed out that she tried to bail out ShoreBank, one of the banks her husband used when he committed fraud. That is a fact--and it is no less a fact because Schakowsky doesn't want voters to know about it.

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