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Republican National Committee skeptical Obama Chicago rally will make a difference

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A Republican National Committee memo, crafted in advance of President Obama's big Chicago Democratic get-out-the-vote rally Saturday in Hyde Park argues that the visit may not be enough to carry Democrats Alexi Giannoulias and Gov. Pat Quinn over the line.

The memo compares Obama's Chicago rally on the final weekend of the 2010 mid-term campaign to his Massachusetts visit on the last weekend before election day where he stumped for Democratic nominee Martha Coakley for the seat held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. She was beat by Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) who hits Chicago on Sunday to stump for GOP Senate candidate Mark Kirk.

below, memo from the Republican National Committee.....

October 30, 2010
Obama Heads To Massachusetts Illinois For A Last Minute Rally For Martha Coakley Alexi Giannoulias

"President Obama Returns To Chicago On Saturday For A Democratic Get-Out-The-Vote Rally, His Biggest Event In The City Since Election Night 2008 In Grant Park And His First Free And Public Event Here Since Moving Into The White House." (Lynn Sweet, "Obama Biggest Rally In Chicago Since Grant Park Saturday; Common To Perform," The Chicago Sun-Times' Sweet Blog, 10/26/10)


The Race For Obama's Senate Seat Is "Considered Crucial For Illinois Democrats." "Illinois Democrats are locked in a dogfight to retain President Barack Obama's troublesome former U.S. Senate seat. ... The race is considered crucial for Illinois Democrats, who control every major elected office in the state. 'To be honest, it'd be quite embarrassing to not win that seat,' said Rep. Danny Davis, in an interview Saturday after a Giannoulias campaign event." (Joe Barrett, "Democrats Face Tough Fight to Keep Obama's Old Senate Seat," The Wall Street Journal, 10/4/10)

Mark Kirk Leads Alexi Giannoulias 44 Percent To 41 Percent, And Is "Gaining Ground" With Independents. "A new poll shows Republican Rep. Mark Kirk and Democrat Alexi Giannoulias are about even as they head into their final week of campaigning for President Barack Obama's former Senate seat. ... It found Kirk gaining ground among independents and suburban Chicago voters." ("Alexi Giannoulias, Mark Kirk Neck And Neck: Poll," The Associated Press, 10/25/10)

Obama Won Illinois By 25 Points, 62 Percent To 37 Percent. (CNN's Election Center 2008, Accessed: 10/26/10)

Voter Enthusiasm For Obama Has Dropped 16 Percent Since 2008. "Now, the President's approval numbers are down--even in his home state-- and the campaign is an uphill climb for members of his party, even in a state that's typically friendly for Democrats. Wednesday, Public Policy Polling reports that voter enthusiasm for Obama has dropped 16 points in Illinois since 2008." ("Obama Approval Ratings Not Helping Illinois Dems," WSIL-TV, 10/26/10)


Obama Campaigned For Martha Coakley In The Last Weekend Before Election Day. "In the last week, Dems sent reinforcements to MA, including top communications and political strategists, as well as surrogates like ex-Pres. Bill Clinton. On Sunday, Pres. Obama himself made an appearance, though it failed to motivate enough Dems to push Coakley over the top." (Reid Wilson, "Brown Wins, Robs Dems Of Filibuster-Proof Majority," The National Journal, 1/19/10)

ยท Martha Coakley Lost The Race To Fill Ted Kennedy's Seat To Scott Brown. "Republican Scott Brown rode a wave of voter anger to defeat Democrat Martha Coakley in a U.S. Senate election Tuesday that left President Barack Obama's health care overhaul in doubt and marred the end of his first year in office." (Glen Johnson & Liz Sidoti, "GOP's Brown Wins Mass. Senate Seat In Epic Upset," The Associated Press, 1/19/10)

With Less Than 2 Weeks Before The Election Brown Was Up 48-47 Percent Over Coakley, And Had "A Huge Lead Among Independents." (Public Policy Polling, 744 LV, MoE 3.6%, 1/7-9/10)

Obama Won Massachusetts By 26 Points, 62 Percent To 36 Percent. (CNN's Election Center 2008, Accessed: 10/26/10)

And There Was "A Discernible 'Enthusiasm Gap'" In The GOP's Favor Massachusetts Before The Election. "A discernible 'enthusiasm gap' has emerged in Massachusetts ahead of Tuesday's Senate special election, leaving Democrat Martha Coakley wheezing as Republican Scott Brown races toward the finish line, powered by passionate crowds enraged at President Obama's health care plans." (Joseph Curl, "Coakley Struggles Against Enthusiasm For Brown," The Washington Times, 1/19/10)

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