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Rahm Emanuel feted by White House staffers: Dead asian carp wrapped in Sun-Times, Trib farewell gift


rahm dead fish.jpg
Rahm Emanuel's going away gift, a dead asian carp. Photo credit: On deep background, from a White House source

WASHINGTON--Departing White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, stepping down in a few hours to launch his bid for mayor of Chicago on Monday was given a standing ovation at his last White House senior staff meeting on Friday morning.

Chicagoan Austan Goolsbee, chairperson of the Council of Economic Advisers and the White House policy team delivered a wicked going away gift with a distinct Chicago flair: a dead asian carp wrapped in the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Goolsbe had the asian carp--plauging Lake Michigan--flown out special for the occasion. Some 30 plus staffers gathered in the Roosevelt Room for the send-off.

Why this is funny: One of the standard, often told stories about Emanuel--is how--some twenty years ago--he sent a pollster he was upset with a dead fish wrapped in newspaper.


spell check much?

You people inflicted this bastard on the rest of the nation, so it's only right that when he jumps off the sinking ship of the messiah before it sinks completely, it's only right and fair that he should go back to the cess-pool that spawned him and become your fearless leader during the time when Chicago is also collapsing.
Good made him, you keep deserve another bastard mayor!

Was that a typo?

I appreciate the humor here, and understand the story about it. However, the fish in the picture is a carp, and it is from Asia, but it is not the dreaded Asian Carp. It is a Grass Carp, a species already in Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. Ironically (and unintentionally), this summarizes the Asian Carp situation.
Philip Willink
Fish Biologist
Field Museum of Natural History

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