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Obama dines at Chicago's Topolobampo: Chef Rick Bayless Tweets about private dinner

President Obama and pals Marty Nesbitt and Eric Whitaker dined at Topolobampo on Saturday night after Obama headlined a Democratic get-out-the-vote rally in Hyde Park. After the rally, Obama stopped off at White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett's folks house (her parents live down the street from the Obama Kenwood home) to wish her mom happy birthday. Then Obama and his pals head to the nouvelle cuisine Mexican restaurant founded by the tweetin' Chef Rick Bayless--who was the White House guest chef for the May State dinner honoring Mexico President Felipe Calderon.

Obamafoodorama, the website of record on food and the Obama White House takes a look at the Bayless tweets and pictures from the private dinner...and has some observations about the food and healthy safety procedures......

An excerpt from Obamafoodorama:

According to Bayless, who sent out eight Tweets last night to his 84,976 followers, including six photos about the evening's events, the President ordered Scallops/lobster with roasted tomatillo-corn sauce, and sweet corn tamales with ricotta and nettles. Bayless even paused in his cooking to take a shot of the President's plated dish...

Another excerpt:
Whitaker and Nesbitt last joined the president for dinner on his birthday this year in Chicago, when they held a small, private fĂȘte at graham elliot restaurant, with media mogul Oprah Winfrey. Chef Elliot not only didn't tweet the details of the President's birthday dinner, he's never gone on the record about what he cooked.

For more, go to Obamafoodorama

Bayless Obama Dinner Tweets:

Tweet #1: Surprise guest in Topolo tonight: President Obama! What an incredible honor tp cook for him and his team again (sic).

Tweet#2: began the photos: When the President arrived, they closed off our block on Clark Street. I counted 13 vehicles filling the 3 lanes.

Tweet #3: All of President's staff were incredibly nice, easy going, especially navy chef (in middle) who ensures quality.

Tweet #4 with the President's order: Scallops/lobster with rstd tomatillos-corn sauce, sweet corn tamales (w ricotta&nettles) for the President (the tweeted photo of the President's plated dish, above)

Tweet #5: President insisted on going into Frontera kitchen to get a pic w staff. He's in back in middle;his photog n front

Tweet #6: President stopped at practical every table on his way out of Topolo; when he got to Frontera, all were up & waiting (sic)

Tweet #7: Before he exited, he turned to the Frontera crowd & shook hands, greeted all.

Tweet #8: To all who (snidely) asked: no one was bumped from a reservation. One was made in another name; we didn't know it was for Obama. Geez people!

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