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MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on the Giannoulias bank loans to crime figures


The Mark Kirk campaign is passing along a clip from MSNBC's "Morning Joe" where Joe and Mika and Willie chew over Alexi Giannoulias answer about Broadway Bank loans to crime figures on the "Meet the Press" Illinois Senate debate.

Giannoulias has talked about these loans to crime figures before; the matter is getting renewed life before a national audience. Kirk having a press conference on Giannoulias MTP comments Monday morning.


I find it totally interesting that we ignore Mark Kirk's violation of the Stolen Valor Act but instead focus on Giannoulias engaging in the same behavior as the characters Republicans have supported all along in banking.

Mika....I'm watching the show this am and I'm upset that Joe who is so energized by his beliefs that he totally runs over you...God bless you for hanging in there...You are right on about our president ....listen to Chris Matthews who is more balanced...poor Joe, is caught up in his belief system that he can't see what is happening.

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