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Emanuel taps Mike Kasper as election lawyer, Anne Olamey, fund-raising.

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WASHINGTON--Chicago mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel has signed on one of Chicago's top election lawyers, Mike Kasper, to advise his campaign; this comes as questions are being raised by rivals about whether Emanuel meets residency requirements to run for mayor.

Emanuel is tapping Anne Olamey is doing the fundraising; she worked on Emanuel's House campaigns.

recap on other hires:

AKPD, main consultants.

Pete Giangreco, direct mail and other stuff.

Jasculca Terman, handling the Emanuel launch.

AKPD vice president of political affairs, Buffy Wicks, grassroots organizing

Scott Fairchild, chief of staff for Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pa.), campaign manager.

1 Comment

Rahm Emanuel may need another lawyer soon to represent himself for his activites of Freddie MAC which he served as a member of the Board of Directors during the period of 2000-2002. First of all, he has never accounted for why he said nothing about the accounting frauds which FREDDIE was severly fined for by the SEC. Minimally, Rahm was asleep at the switch. NOT GOOD.
NOW, it turns out Rahm's Pals in the Banking and Mortgage Industries were carrying out MASSIVE FRAUD in FORECLOSURES... that is foreclosing on people WITH NO TITLE TO THE HOUSES BEING FORECLOSED ON!!!!!!!!
Where was Rahm on this. Either complicit or asleep. NOT A BO PEEP FROM RAHM. NOT GOOD

The verdict is IN on Rahm and his "campaign for Mayor. NOT GOOD!!
Rahm, quit now and fold your tent, before people find out more about you, which you wish not to be known. It will ALL COME OUT!!

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