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Mike Labno, Illinois Senate Libertarian candidate, protests shut out of final debate tonight

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below, from Labno....

Mike Labno, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate (IL) Responds to Partial Senatorial Debate
Organizes Protest of Debate

The Mike Labno, Libertarian candidate for the US and Lex Green, Libertarian candidate for Illinois Governor, as well as Green Party and Independent candidates are being excluded from the WTTW "Chicago Tonight" candidate forums for Senator and Governor, tonight and tomorrow evenings, hosted by the City Club of Chicago. We believe that WTTW, as a public station, is in breach of it's statutory mandate regarding "strict adherence to objectivity and balance in all programs or series of programs of a controversial nature"

Further, we believe that sponsor of the forums, the City Club of Chicago, is in violation of

it's 501(c)(3) non-profit status by funding a forum which "has the effect

of favoring a candidate or group of candidates",,id=163395,00.html

We are organizing a demonstration for 6:00 p.m. Wednesday 10/27/10 outside

of WTTW studios, 5400 St. Louis Ave. All excluded candidates have been invited to participate.

Neither the producers of WTTW's Chicago Tonight or board members of the City Club of Chicago have responded yet to inquiries made by Mike Labno's representatives.

Mike Labno is the Libertarian candidate for US Senate. He resides in Oak Brook, IL. He is the only pro-life, pro-second amendment, fiscal and constitutional conservative on the ballot. For more information visit
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1 Comment

This is another unfortunate decision and in my opinion does such a disservice for voters to have a full ballot of choice. To whomever reads this, please write WTTW and the City Club of Chicago to let them know that they no longer will get their support, or if applicable donations. Make sure to let them know that they are doing voters much disservice.

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