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Michelle Obama's Chicago price list for House, Giannoulias fund-raisers



WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama kicks off her political travel for Democrats on Wednesday with stops in Chicago and Milwaukee.

In Chicago, Mrs. Obama headlines two receptions for Democratic Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias--officially the Illinois Victory Fund 2010, (a combo of the Giannoulias campaign and the Democratic Party of Illinois) both at the University Club of Chicago, 76 E. Monroe. The host reception is 3:30 p.m. The general reception is at 3:45 p.m.

*For $10,000 raised or donated a person gets two tickets and a photo. There is a warning note on the invite that is a bit unusual, but necessary to make sure Mrs. Obama does not get into a photo she will later regret. The warning: "Guest list is subject to review and admittance is not guaranteed."

*For $2,400 per person, preferred seating.

*For $1,000, general admission.

*"Limited tickets: available for $750.

UPDATE: Another e-mail went out Monday with another price level-- a limited number of $500 per-person tickets.

After the Giannoulias events, Mrs. Obama is hitting the Standard Club for an evening reception to benefit "Blue Illinois 2010," a joint fund-raising warchest of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and three Illinois Democrats in the biggest House races in the state: Rep. Debbie Halvorson, Rep Bill Foster and Dan Seals. The cheapest ticket is $250--the top price is $30,400.

Attendee, Limited Quantity (General Reception)
($250.00 each)

Guest (General Reception)
($500.00 each)

Friend (Preferred Seating in the General Reception)
($1,000.00 each)

Co-Host (Photoline, Preferred Seating in Reception)
($10,000.00 each)

Host (VIP Reception, Photo, Preferred Seating in Reception)
($30,400.00 each)

ON WISCONSIN: Mrs. Obama is the draw for a Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.) fundraiser Wednesday at the US Cellular Arena in downtown Milwaukee. Tickets are $250 to $500 per person. Craig Gilbert, over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's "The Wisconsin Voter" blog took a look at Mrs. Obama's favorability ratings: she rates higher than President Obama, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and Nancy Pelosi.


I can't believe anyone would pay a penny for this nonsense.

I am confused as to what exactly her main goal for America is. I am a democrat but do not see her as much of an influence to my daughter. Why does she have to spend soooooo much money on clothes? It doesn't cost that much money to look good.

I knew why I gave up my membership to the Club, ganiffs like Alexi should not be allowed in!

I wouldn't pay 10 cents to watch this Ho roll over and pi$$ on herself much less thousands. What a joke...

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