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Michelle Obama finally doing something for Nov. 2 elections

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WASHINGTON--First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday will finally start helping Democrats win in the Nov. 2 mid-term elections: she will host a phone chat with the Democratic National Committee's grassroots arm, Organizing for America.

The OFA, which absorbed the Obama for America presidential campaign, announced on Monday, "This Wednesday, October 6th, at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Michelle Obama will be hosting a Vote 2010 update with OFA supporters to discuss the work we've all been doing together and the importance of volunteering in the final four weeks before the November elections."

The live chat is designed to crank up turnout on Nov. 2 and also to generate small dollar donations--the link to getting a reminder for the Wednesday call is connected to an on-line donation page.

Mrs. Obama does not return to the campaign trail until Oct. 13, when she stumps in Chicago at two fund-raisers.

Mrs. Obama's October political travel--the first since the 2008 presidential election--will have her headline nine events in seven citiies in six states--all friendly Democratic territory.

1 Comment

What do you mean by "finally", Lynn Sweet?

Michelle is the FLOTUS. She wasn't elected. Her husband was. Got it?

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