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Illinois Senate: Giannoulias, Kirk third and last debate. Video



I watched the debate last evening and wished that Giannoulius would offer a credible explanation for his dealings with "Chicago Outfit" individuals.

The media has offered speculation that Patrick Fitzgerald will be leaving his position in the next year and I would be uncomfortable in knowing that Alexi Giannoulius would be involved in recommending his replacement!

Would someone knock Kirk up side the head and make in interpret Armed Reserves is not the same as Regular Duty in one of our Armed Forces.

I have never been in the service but know better to flaunt Armed Reserves credentials with the full-time or life long service person.


I have relatives who have been to Afghanistan and Iraq and it was not for a weekend pass!

I may not be happy with Alexi, but for Kirk to keep embellishing his credentials is a character flaw I do not need in a senator. Dude, you ain't that special!

Fair and equal debates consist of all candidates being invited. Inviting only the 2 major corrupted parties with exclusion of all other candidates is a biased and rigged debate. When are we going to start seeing fair and equal debates? Illinois deserves better than this...

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