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Illinois Senate debate: Lynn Sweet live blog


sweet1.jpgMark Kirk, Alexi Giannoulias just before the second Illinois Senate debate. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

7:55 CLOSING STATEMENTS is about real people, real problems. for people who want a shot for the American dream.

Kirk...reminds folks that there are two elections for senators on Nov. 2 (one to fill unexpired term of President Obama...for a few weeks..

7:51 pm George asking about Supreme Court nominees. Ginny Thomas....wife of Clarence Thomas...called Anita Hill and said she should consider an apology...should she, Kirk and Giannioulias...Kirk said too far in the past....going forward I would hope, Kirk said, we would have conservative judges."

would you have voted for Justice Thomas, Kirk asked. "I'm looking forward," Kirk said. Obama goofed with Sotomayor, ok with Kagen.

Giannoulias asked about Anita Hill, agrees with Kirk "that's past." Cities Citizens United decision on campaign finance. Giannoulias can't think of any GOP appointed Supreme Court justice he would have backed

7:50 pm Giannoulias mentions Rove again.

7:48 pm. Asked if American Crossroads should reveal donors..Kirk said yes Giannoulias brings up Karl Rove....again...."he is bought and paid for by Wall Street firms...this is typical Washington D.C. politics."

7:46 pm Gay Marriage
Kirk: Opposes Gay marriage
Giannoulias: "for marriage equality."

7:44 pm Dont Ask Don Tell..a clear crisp difference.
Giannoulias is for the immediate repeal.
Kirk said he voted to continue the current policy.

7:41 pm BGA's Andy Shaw on cleaning up corruption
Kirk ...led fight to cancel pension for any member of Congress convicted of a felony...end the earmark system, which has become horribly corrupt...need more transparency on campaign side. disclose contributions within 24 hours on the internet...have all of the donors disclosed..." a preemptive strike on what is coming and that is ....

Giannoulias mentions Karl Rove again, a reference to American Crossroads, a Rove linked group which is running millions of dollars in ads--with donors unknown. "Kark Rove coming to town and stealing the elections."

7:40 pm Asked about budget cuts Kirk "I turned against earmarks..." need a line item veto
Giannoulias "enact 'paygo" legislation.....let tax cuts for wealthy Americans expire

7:31 pm Big back and forth over alleged voter suppression comment from Kirk. Giannoulias accused Kirk, "You are trying to suppress the African American vote.
Kirk come back: He is shocked that Giannoulias believes--Kirk said--"there is no corruption in the state of Illinois."

7:23 pm Question about Dream Act. Will Kirk answer? For weeks Kirk has dodged an answer. Giannoulias is for it. "I am the Spanish speaking candidate," Kirk says, he "very much" cares about Mexico. So is he for the immigration legislation or not....First secure the border..."then open up the space for the rest of the debate. Pressed how are you going to vote "this is not the time to do this." Kirk finally gives a position. There is a need to "establish trust" Democratic leaders are not interested, Kirk said in "border control and trust" Will he vote no? Kirk just won't say no, though that's the signal he is sending.

Giannoulias reply, "Just give" an answer, at least you 'll know where I stand. (that's the third time Giannoulias has made that argument.)

7:21 pm Kirk first mention of former Gov. Blagojevich, "convicted felon" in question about federal bailouts. Giannoulias earlier mentioned Karl Rove's name twice. Giannoulias slams Kirk for voting for Wall Street bailouts. Giannoulias said "biggest problem" with Obama Recovery Act....local governments did not have to make budget adjustments.

No direct answer from each, ABC's George Stephanopoulos, the moderator notes.

7:18 To Kirk, a reference to Palin, what did Sarah Palin and the Tea Party get wrong. So far, no direct answer...Republicans should support line item veto from the president...

7:16 pm As a friend of the president, Giannoulias is asked what mid-course corrections would you suggest...Giannoulias said 1. create a clean energy future....2. make a better business environment. "Need to grease the wheels on the private sector."

7:14 pm Talking about stimulus bill. Kirk says "tragedy" limited to shovel ready projects, not longer term projects needed in Illinois such as O'Hare expansion and improving the locks and dam system on the Mississippi River.

7:11 pm Giannoulias presses Kirk about whether he was shot at in Iraq. Kirk's strong reply.."your entire campaign" is about a military record...where he served...and Giannoulias did not....brings up Broadway Bank loans to "felons and mobsters."

CHICAGO--The second Illinois Senate debate started at 7 p.m. Chicago time with one minute opening statements from Democrat Alexi Giannolias and Republican Mark Kirk

The opening minutes have focused on the negative campaigning: still the same narrative, mob banker vs. serial embellisher.


Alexi may be the basketball star, but tonight was a slam dunk for Kirk!

Round one-Kirk win
Round two-Kirk win

Alexi repeatedly fails to answer questions and immediately responds with scripted talking points. Last debate his key words were "quite frankly", this debate he continuously mentioned Karl Rove. Both candidates have interest groups running ads, so what's your point Alexi?

It's becoming clearer, Kirk is far more qualified and knowledgeable of the issues.

So, which is worse.....the "mob banker" or the "serial embellisher"? The mob banker has yet to state ANY accomplishments he personally is responsible for while in public office, and has FAILED to acknowledge any mistakes that he might have made.........he constantly blames everyone else and takes no responsibility for his actions.

I vote for the serial embellisher.

KIRK for Senate!

Kirk did not answer wheather or not he was shot,, however Giannolias did not answer any question regarding the "Bright Start" progam which lost millions of dollars.

the opening and closing of Giannolias his mannerisms I've seen before, let me think...oh yeah, it is the same thing, same sad story, that Obama used when he was campaigning for President. Same ole lines, same ole story,

Kirk saved the North Chicago VA Medical Center. No one seems to be mentioning that, It is now renamed the Captian James A. Lovell, Federal Health Care Center. It is one of the most if not the most modern VA Health Care Center anywhere.

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