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Illinois Dems Optimistic: DNC early voting analysis suggests Democratic edge UPDDATE GOP reply


Illinois Democrats are heading into the final weekend before the Tuesday election optimistic about the chances for Senate contender Alexi Giannoulias and Gov. Quinn based on an analysis of early voting turnout in Illinois by the Democratic National Committee. The early voting turnout is coming from Chicago and Cook County, according to the DNC, Democratic strongholds. With the Illinois governor and Senate contest a toss-up in most polls, turnout is the key. President Obama headlines a rally in Hyde Park on Saturday for the Democratic Illinois ticket.

Reply from a Republican Strategist to Democratic memo:

"DNC memo on Illinois early vote reads as nothing more than a CYA. The fact that they cooked up numbers on a Friday night right before POTUS arrives tells you everything you need to know. Won't be enough to explain loss of Obama's seat on Tuesday. Nice try though." END UPDATE

Below, analysis from the Democratic National Committee.....

Early voting is underway in Illinois and Democrats have a clear lead.

· So far, 298,113 Illinois voters have cast ballots including 174,739 Democrats (58.6% of those who have voted so far) and 83,166 Republicans (27.9%). (Note: Illinois does not have party registration, so Democrats are defined as those who have voted in a Democratic primary and Republicans are defined as those who have voted in a Republican primary.)

· Cook County is the most Democratic county in the state, and Cook County is voting at one of the highest rates of any county in the state. While only 38.5% of all registrants are from Cook County, 43.5% of all ballots cast so far are from Cook County.

· In fact, there are more Democratic primary voters from Cook County who have already voted than there are Republican primary voters who have already voted in the entire state of Illinois. This is despite the fact that Cook County makes up only 38.5% of registered voters and 43.5% of those who have voted so far.

· According to the latest DNC modeling analysis incorporating today's early vote returns, Giannoulias leads by more than 6 points among those who have already voted, and this lead has been growing since early voting began in Illinois two weeks ago.



Doesn't surprise me, Chicago is the mother of all voter fraud cities. Look at the stats,
"Cook County makes up only 38.5% of registered voters and 43.5% of those who have voted so far"
- hightest in the State? Give me a break. The fix has been in for weeks.

Here is a Halloween public service message about the Ghoulishly Odd Party (GOP) and its All Souls' Day (Nov. 2) standardbearers: The Wicked Witch of the East Christine O'Donnell; the Wicked Witch of the West Sharron Angle; the Headless Horseman Carl Paladino; Scarecrow Rand Paul; the Great Pumpkin Cheesehead Scott Walker; Golem Joe Miller, and all the others in the thrall of Coven Mistress Sarah Palin ...

Just vote "no!"

And keep Halloween to a special night once a year!

I hope no serious journalist believes this. This is done to supress conservative voters on election day. They do this every election year in an attempt to finalize a race before it has actually started.

It is also true that you can't believe exit polls in Cook County. Many are county and city employees and as a result they will tell you they punched a Democratic ballot in an attempt not to lose their job. However, everyone knows in an general election no one can tell who you voted for.

When will the press stop playing to the DNC. This is political strategy. Did you really think they were going to come out with a press release stating that they were losing???

The other part of their ground game is to get people to vote twice, felons to vote, pay people to vote, feed people to vote, give cigarettes out for voting, and put the NEW Black Panther out in front of polling places. Oh yeah and they steal yard signs and intimidate voters on the way to the polls.

The real courage this year is the tens of thousands of voters that are voting no on Chicago politics as usual. We should all encourage them and stand with them united!

By the way in the next 10 years the Sun Times will be a free paper that is given out outside of grocery stores. I believe they have been losing money for a while now...

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