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GOP Senate political shop declares Kirk victory in debate--before it happens! UPDATE NRSC response


updated with NRSC response below....

WASHINGTON--The National Republican Senatorial Committee--the GOP senate political operation--in an audacious move, declared Illinois Senate GOP candidate Mark Kirk the winner over Democrat Alexi Giannoulias in Sunday's "Meet the Press" debate before it happened.

On Saturday night, the NRSC was running a fund-raising appeal pegged to the Sunday debate, with the time travel headline and opening paragraph:

Giannoulias Fails In Debate

"It was plain to see on Meet the Press. Alexi Giannoulias is wrong for Illinois and should not be elected to the United States Senate. For too long America has been on a similar course of more spending, more debt, and a weakened economic recovery. We are on an unsustainable path and the American people don't like what they see."

Here's the Sunday timetable: Kirk and Giannoulias tape "Meet the Press" at 9 a.m. eastern time at NBC's studios in northwest Washington. After that, the two are likely to hold a post debate availability with reporters at NBC.

from NRSC spokesman Amber Marchand:

"Google mistakenly made the draft ads live without our approval this morning, and they've since been deleted. Perhaps this reflected a little bit of overconfidence on our part, but when you consider Alexi Giannoulias' failed record with Broadway Bank and Bright Start, we weren't expecting him to do any better on Meet the Press."


The real story about the Meet the Press debates is why are third party candidates who are legally on the ballot not invited to the table ? Instead we get 2 candidates that are not trusted by Illinois voters, and NBC endorses the status quo instead of providing a platform for a real debate.

@Steve Hellin: Because NBC, the Neocon Broadcasting Company, is heavily invested in maintaining the status quo and -- especially when their Beltway news bureau is involved -- maintaining a low-information viewership.

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