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Giannoulis new poll: Giannoulias 44, Kirk 41


WASHINGTON--Democrat Alexi Giannoulias latest poll, taken after Sunday's "Meet the Press" debate with Republican Mark Kirk has Giannoulias at 44 and Kirk at 41.

The poll was taken Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research of 600 likely general election voters, with a four percent margin of error, which means the election battle is a deadlock.

I did not see a copy of the poll.

The Giannoulias campaign passed on the results of one question, about who a respondent would vote for if the general election were held today.

Giannoulias 44
Kirk 41
Green Parly LeAlan Jones 4
Libertarian Mike Labno 3
Undecided 8

Giannoulias is holding his own despite being massively overspent in television ads during the past two weeks. According to the Giannoulias campaign, Illinois media spending for Giannoulias totaled $9.698 million since August compared to $12.656 million spent on behalf of Kirk.The Gianoullias camp was outspent $1 million by the Kirk forces between Oct. 4-17.

Spending for Giannoulias totals includes ads paid for by his campaign and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The tally for Kirk includes ads benefiting him paid for by the Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads, the group linked to GOP strategist Karl Rove and his own campaign.


It's almost official. You can bankroll the mafia and lie on your taxes and Illinois considers you more credible than a guy that puffs up a few war stories.

Alexi is the greatest fraud in the history of Illinois. He makes Blago look like an honest person with high integrity.

a vote for kirk is a vote for obama - kirk rino is not gain for real America ............ so elect the dem and get the full dose of obama damage to America

And I also believe:

1. Alexi had nothing to do with loans to felons
2. Alexi had nothing to do with Bright Start program losses
3. Alexi had nothing to do with the loss of money on the Lincoln Hotel
4. Alexi had nothing to do with the death of Broadway Bank and the last and most important:
5. Alexi is competent

I also believe in flying saucers and that I am President of the USA.

Being in finance I can tell you that Alexi has no idea what he is doing. I have heard him say some of the most ridiculous things. Also, why does he try so hard to talk and gesticulate like Obama.

If there is a dumber politician than Kirk, will someone please identify him to me? All he had to do was keep his mouth shut and he was a shoe in for the Senate. So what does this imbecile do? He embelishes his respectable service record and gives the corrupt Giannoulias something to challenge him on. If this horse's arce losses, he need only look in the mirror as to why.

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