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Giannoulias touting endorsements Kirk once had: Planned Parenthood, Sierra, NARAL, IEA, Wildlife

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Democratic Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias on Thursday is touting the endorsement from Planned Parenthood, the Illinois Education Association, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, NARAL, and Defenders of Wildlife--not a surprise that these groups are backing a Democrat. The point Giannoulias wants to make is that these organizations had backed Kirk--when he was running for re-election to his tenth congressional district House seat.

The groups say they don't trust Kirk anymore--he switched his vote on Cap and Trade legislation from a yes to a no. Asked about this, Kirk said the "left leaning groups" supported his opponent in his early House election, then backed him when he was established. "It is a standard thing they desert you in a tight election."

Kirk was asked about his Cap and Trade climate legislation flip flop at a town hall session on Thursday with Navistar at the Navistar World Headquarters in Warrenville, in the heavily GOP DuPage County.

"Can we count on you?" a Navistar employee--who opposed Cap and Trade--asked.

Kirk said--as he has in the past year--that he voted his district in the June, 2009 close House vote where the measure squeaked through on a 219-212 roll call.

After he started running for the Senate, and traveled around Illinois, he said he realized that he needed to "represent the entire Illinois economy" and so changed his position.

"We make a lot of errors in Congress," Kirk said. "...Not out of malice or corruption." As a senator, he said, "I would oppose" Cap and Trade.

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I can explain his flip-flop, he's a RINO that decided he wanted to run for Senate. He didn't flip-flop till then. There is very little difference between Kirk and than the Democrats; he's voted with them most of the time his entire time in the House.

If Illinois wants real change in the Senate they will vote for neither of these rats, they'll vote for Labno. "Move out Congress" does not mean promote them to the Senate.

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