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Gery Chico: Rahm Emanuel must "fully disclose" Blagojevich Senate seat conversations

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Below, from the Gery Chico Chicago mayoral campaign.....

With Blago trial delayed, Rahm Emanuel must disclose role now

Chicagoans can't wait until after mayoral election to know details of Emanuel's involvement in negotiations over U.S. Senate seat

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: With today's court decision to delay Rod Blagojevich's trial until April 20, the time has come for Rahm Emanuel to fully disclose his role in the negotiations with Blagojevich over the U.S. Senate seat.

"The citizens of Chicago cannot afford to wait until after the mayoral election for Rahm Emanuel to give us all the facts," said Brooke Anderson, spokeswoman for Gery Chico for Mayor. "Chicagoans deserve full transparency. Whether you're lawyered-up or not, you ought to give voters all the facts before they head to the polls."

Following an Oct. 3 story in the Chicago Tribune which revealed new details about Emanuel's role in the U.S. Senate seat negotiations, Emanuel has repeatedly ignored questions from the media on the issue.

When asked by the Chicago Sun-Times why he was "wheeling and dealing" about names for the Senate seat and whether it was appropriate, Emanuel said:

"That's a characterization. They're prosecuting the governor, correct? Am I (being prosecuted)?" Chicago Sun-Times, 10/17/10

When asked by the Chicago Tribune about his serving as the point person for discussions about who Blagojevich should appoint to the Senate seat, Emanuel, citing the upcoming trial, said:

"I did what was appropriate, at least from my perspective, which is I didn't entertain any ... kind of quid pro quo. I can't go beyond that with you." Chicago Tribune, 10/19/10


1 Comment

i HAVE HELD EXEMPT JOBS IN CHICAGO GOVERNMENT FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS AND Gery Chico is the finest candidate to come along for Chicago in a long time.He will be the education mayor based on his stellar reputation in the field of education. We need intellectuals in government. I am asking every Chicagoan to examine his resume. It is beyond impressive. Know what all the Chicago college students seem to already know; He is the best person to move Chicago forward mayors are cool; intellectual mayors are really cool..

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