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Bill Clinton to rally Democrats in Chicago Tuesday; Obama to return



Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to hit Chicago on Tuesday to rally Democrats for Gov. Pat Quinn and Senate contender Alexi Giannoulias, with big Democratic turnout from Chicago and Cook County the key in the deadlocked Illinois Senate contest against Republican Mark Kirk. It is looking very likely that President Obama returns to Chicago in the last weekend before the election, on Saturday, to turn out the Democratic vote. Chicago has always been friendly territory for Bill Clinton. With time running out, Clinton and Obama in the closing days are being dispatched to states where they can tip the outcome of a race or races. In Illinois, Giannoulias and Gov. Quinn could squeak through if the Democratic base turns out.


Go to a rally and hear him lie to the American public again. One Big Joke.

Bill Clinton and Obama cannot save Alexi, the Incompetent.

He'll be a hell of alot better than that evil looking Brady

Mark Kirk lied about his military service... now who's doing the lying (who is actually running)? Haha.

I hope your right JB.

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