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Bill Clinton at the Palmer House in Chicago: A Sentimental journey

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CHICAGO--Former President Bill Clinton is headlining an Illinois Democratic get-out-the-vote rally here in the Palmer House hotel--a very important place in his family and political history. Clinton gave a shout out to his Chicago friends: Kevin O'Keefe, Valerie Alexander, J.B. Pritzker and Fred Eychaner--folks who were also backers of Hillary's presidential bid.

As Clinton related:

*his parents honeymooned at the Palmer House....Clinton's father died before he was born.
"The only picture I have of them together is at the Palmer House. ...I love this place."

*The Palmer House was the Clinton headquarter hotel in March, 1992 when Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination after winning the Illinois primary. The celebration was in the same ballroom where Clinton is now plugging the Illinois Democratic ticket.

*The Illinois Democratic establishment started moving to Clinton following an event during the primary at the Palmer House.

1 Comment

It's well known that democracy & technology shape the future of a nation.
Let's give Democrats a chance to make headway.
The former President Bill Clinton said "It took me four years to balance the budget, then I gave you four surpluses, paid $600 billion down on the national debt,"

And I'd say : It took 8 years for the Bush mishandling to get a final verdict.
Let's not fall for the outrageous claim : Heal the 8 year-long chronic disease quickly, but do not see a doctor, adding to the deficit.
I do believe strongly that the nope or tea party, the insane group, are set to wreck a havoc on America.

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