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Tea party Republican beats establishment rival in Delaware Senate primary


Tea Party backed Christine O'Donnell beat the GOP establishment candidate Mike Castle in the Delaware GOP primary on Tuesday night. .....O'Donnell is far right--even for the Tea Party.... ...MSNBC is playing her rift on human sexuality....and I can't make this up...on masturbation.... The race is for Vice President Biden's former senate seat.


THANK GOD America is waking up.

On talk radio tonight a commentator was bashing O'Donnell for not having a job and falling behind on her mortgage. The tragic miscalculation Democrats and Republicans are making is that on a real basis unemployment is 20%, 30% are behind on their mortgages, and this only makes her one of 'us' instead of one of 'them'. They have no clue they're insulting their own constituency and things like this are the reason people are abandoning both parties. Those who said we should elect 'the most electable Conservative' were obviously tragically mistaken as to who that is. It sure as hell isn't a liberal or a RINO. Both Republicans and Democrats have been served notice repeatedly. Get with the program and support real Conservatives or we'll see you later. LEARN OR BURN.

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