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SEIU Chicago Spanish language radio spot target DREAM Act opponents


Below, from the SEIU...

Six Figure Spanish-Language Ad Buy Highlights GOP Obstruction to Immigration Reform
SEIU, Mi Familia Vota Civic Participation Campaign, and America's Voice Launch Radio Ads in Nine Cities as Part of Latino Voter Drive

Washington, DC - Today, the Service Employees International Union, Mi Familia Vota Civic Participation Campaign, and America's Voice are launching Spanish-language radio ads in nine media markets across the country. The ads point to the Republican Party's obstructionism on immigration reform, cite the GOP's successful effort to block a vote on the DREAM Act last week, and encourage voters to support the candidates who "support our families, and make our dreams come true."

The $300,000 ad buy is the largest national ad campaign from pro-immigration reform organizations, and marks the beginning of a voter mobilization drive across the nation to hold politicians accountable for demonizing immigrants and blocking progress on common sense immigration reform. The ads will run in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ; Denver, CO; Miami and Orlando, FL; Chicago, IL; Las Vegas, NV; and Houston and McAllen, TX--all areas where Latino voters will play a decisive role in contested races this November and in 2012.

For more information on the impact Latino voters are poised to make in the 2010 and 2012 elections, and how voters currently view the two parties, see this report from America's Voice and these tracking polls from Latino Decisions.

"Last week, the same Republicans who have rallied their support behind Arizona's 'papers please' law made a clear choice to crush the dreams of tens of thousands of high-achieving immigrant youth," said SEIU Secretary Treasurer Eliseo Medina. "Today, it is critical that our community understands who is on their side and what is at stake if we do not hold our elected leaders accountable in November."

The ads are in additional to a national voter mobilization strategy this year that encourages Latino and immigrant voters to make their voices heard at the polls. Various mobilization efforts are already underway in these six states, as well as in other locations featuring significant Latino voting populations. For example, in Colorado, Latino civic engagement organizations aim to turn out over half of all registered Latino voters this cycle through aggressive mail, phone, and grassroots outreach campaigns. And in Arizona, organizations are on track to turn out 230,000 Latinos in Phoenix, Yuma, and Tucson.

"This is our moment--from Miami to Denver--to use the power of the Latino vote to fight back against the anti-immigrant attacks, the SB1070 copycat laws, and the petty politics in Washington that have blocked all progress on immigration reform," said Ben Monterroso, Executive Director of Mi Familia Vota Civic Participation Campaign. "Latino voters must take stock in who is with us and who is against us. This is the moment to vote for leaders who will offer real solutions to our broken immigration system and who will commit to build an economy that works for all working families."

The ad buy and larger mobilization effort are designed to increase turnout among "surge" and "low propensity" Latino voters, and help close the gaps between those eligible to vote and those who turn out on election day.

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America's Voice, "The outrageous decision by Senate Republicans to block the DREAM Act last week demands a strong response. We are pleased to partner with SEIU and Mi Familia Vota Civic Participation Campaign to bolster the on-the-ground efforts to mobilize voters and build support for needed immigration reforms."

· Listen to the ad here and read the text of the ad below
· The Power of the Latino Vote in the 2010 Election (America's Voice):
· Weekly Tracking Poll of Latino Public Opinion (Latino Decisions):



¿Que harías si un grupo de políticos te negaran tus sueños y esperanzas?

Miles de nosotros hemos salido a las calles a luchar por lo justo; acceso a la educación universitaria, y un camino hacia la ciudadanía.

Nosotros somos los estudiantes indocumentados del DREAM Act...los soñadores...

Sin papeles, y sin miedo, luchamos para que nuestra generación no se quede atrás.

¿Pero quienes se opusieron a esta propuesta de ley? ¿Quienes quieren acabar con nuestros sueños?

Los republicanos. Los mismos que se opusieron a la extensión de beneficios por desempleo.

Los republicanos. Que buscan negar derechos a los inmigrantes en Arizona y otros estados.

Los republicanos. Que rechazan a las familias trabajadoras y apoyan a las grandes corporaciones.

El Presidente Obama, las fuerzas armadas, las cámaras de comercio, las universidades y la gran mayoría del público están a nuestro lado.

Y ellos necesitan nuestro apoyo

Este 2 de noviembre, en [insert state here] vota por los candidatos que apoyan a nuestras familias, y haz nuestros sueños realidad.

Este anuncio es pagado por El Sindicato Internacional de Empleados de Servicio, Mi Familia Vota Civic Participation Campaign y America's Voice


What would you do if a group of politicians were denying your hopes, your dreams?

Thousands of us have taken to the streets to fight for what's right: access to a college education and a path to citizenship...

We're the undocumented students of the DREAM Act...the "soñadores"...

Without papers, and without fear, we fight so our generation doesn't get left behind.

But who opposed this bill? Who wants to quash our dreams?

Republicans. The same people who opposed the extension of unemployment benefits.

Republicans. Who try to deny immigrant rights in Arizona and other states.

Republicans. Who always seem to stand with big corporations against working families.

President Obama, the Armed Forces, Chambers of Commerce, universities and a majority of the public are on our side.

And they need our help.

This November 2nd, in [insert state here] - vote for the candidates who support our families, and make our dreams come true.

This ad is paid for by the Service Employees International Union, Mi Familia Vota Civic Participation Campaign and America's Voice


A Plan For A Real “American Dream Act” Bill & Counter Attack

First bring back our soldiers from this Afghanistan war that is costly and going nowhere. Middle Eastern and Asians love to see us waste money and go broke fighting for freedom when they don’t really want it. This is their main weapon and we keep falling into their trap. Then we need to regroup military troops and military force to invade/overthrow Mexico’s government turning it into a U.S territory.
The new land will be used as an industrial/business commerce zone. U.S citizens will be able to by property and have a dual citizenship between U.S and Mexico. Mexico will keep its current currency and there current government will be demoted to local municipal law enforcement as long as they surrender to the U.S.
The U.S will be in full control of all laws, finances, local law enforcement, military and our “Secondary Army of Illegal Soldiers/Enforcers” in Mexico. The path to dual citizenship will require the illegal immigrants living in the U.S to serve in the U.S Secondary South Boarder Military for teen years… Along with completing the invasion/overthrow of Mexican government to expand U.S lands, business, and revive our economy. For Mexico citizen requesting to come to the U.S temporary worker programs and legal paths to citizenship & residence will be granted to those who qualify.
This action is to liberate Mexico from its corrupt government that is destroying it self and the U.S slowly. It is also a test for them to redeem them selves for us to see, how much heart they have, how patriotic they are, and much they love this country including us, laws in all.

Pass It On To Congress & The President!!!

Illegal immigrants and their children who are here illegally should be deported. They should have no influence on our politics and should obey our laws.
Our Federal Government has not been doing its job of securing our border. They have allowed millions of people into this country illegally. Many of these people/criminals are taking jobs from legal American citizens. The Federal Government should fine anyone who hires and illegal immigrant and deport the millions of illegals here now.

instead of spending the $49 billion dollars on finishing the construction of the border fence, give amnesty to all illegal immigrants with families, but temporarily deport the rest.
instead of Obama making it easier for the poor, have the rich invest in mexico and stabilize the Mexican economy. this, in turn will have the immigration stop, because mexico will have the opportunities for Mexicans to earn their money.
The leftover $30 billion dollars will go into customs, on the border between U.S. states and mexico, the leftovers will go to mexico itself.
Mexico, will see the U.S. as a friend, and, hopefully, instead of using force, we will admit them into "The 51st State", which will let us gain the money from their taxes, and also possibly stabilize the economy.

this is a solution to multiple problems, and will help many.

Please consider this as a possible solution and have a "Bill" with these exact words on it go through the congress and have our current president at least consider this.
is this inst helped soon, the U.S.A will surely be having economic turmoil along with border issues.

Written by, Truly, A Middle School Student.

GOP racists killed the DREAM; they killed immigration refomr this year!
Remember in November. The GOP is an enemy of anyone who doesn't look or speak like a Billy Bob. Remember in November that the GOP killed the dreams of millions of immigrant kids...

"Support our families and make our dreams come true by taking things away from gringo families and making it harder for them to have THEIR dreams."

A more truthful slogan.

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