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Sarah Palin wins Right Nation 2010 straw poll

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WASHINGTON---Sarah Palin won the Right Nation 2010 straw poll for 2012 presidential potential candidates a straw poll from the Values Voter Summit, another conservative group taken over the weekend gave first place to Rep. Mike Pence. Right Nation has more that twice the number of people voting--1,693--than the Values Voter gathering with 723 participating in the straw poll.

Right Nation 2010 held its national meeting Saturday in the Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates, billing itself as a gathering of conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party independents.

Palin did not attend the Right Nation 2010 or Values Voter Summit in Washington.

Out of 1,693 votes cast at Right Nation 2010:

Sarah Palin - 323 votes (19.1%)
Chris Christie - 274 votes (16.2%)
Newt Gingrich - 227 votes (13.4%)
Herman Cain - 201 votes (11.9%)
Mitt Romney - 190 votes (11.2%)
Mike Huckabee - 156 votes (9.2%)
Ron Paul - 78 votes (4.6%)
Mitch Daniels - 76 votes (4.5%)
Tim Pawlenty - 68 votes (4.0%)
Mike Pence - 45 votes (2.7%)
Rudy Giuliani - 33 votes (1.9%)
Haley Barbour - 22 votes (1.3%)

Of the 723 who voted in the Values Voter presidential straw poll:

Mike Pence: 24%
Mike Huckabee 22%
Mitt Romney 13%
Newt Gingrich 10%.
Sarah Palin t 7%

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