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Rahm Emanuel, Jesse Jackson Jr.--both mulling Chicago mayoral runs--huddle Wednesday night


WASHINGTON--White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.)--both mulling Chicago mayoral runs--huddled in Washington on Wednesday night.

"It's fair to say they had a conversation not only about the race, but about the city itself," said a source who declined to be named.

Emanuel and Jackson are among the more than two dozen potential contenders pondering jumping in the Feb. 22, 2010 nonpartisan Chicago mayoral primary in the wake of Mayor Daley's decision last week not to seek another term.

Jackson's wife, Sandi, a Chicago alderman, also is on some long lists of maybe candidates.

Emanuel is wrestling with what is a major life decision for him, one being made in the context of having to juggle major domestic and international matters for the Obama White House. Emanuel commissioned his long-time pollster, Stanley Greenberg to poll Chicagoans to help Emanuel test issues and his own viability.


Jesus Christ!! Please send this man back to Chicago, along with the rest of his thug; Marxist; corrupt ilk. Love this!! Rats fleeing the ship!! Taminy Hall doesn't work in national politics yet! Still "real hope".

Jesse Jr. knows he cannot be elected dog catcher in a city wide race.

He is huddling with Rahm to apply for the position of being the modern day William Dawson, the black kingmaker for Chicago, in charge of all African American patronage, contracts, etc.

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