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Rahm Emanuel hits Chicago this weekend: Will he run for mayor? UPDATE Not coming

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After this item was posted--based on e-mail solicitations that went out Wednesday morning--word came from the White House that Emanuel is canceling.

"I saw your blog post," said Emanuel spokesman Meridith Webster in an e-mail to me. "Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict and we had to change the date. I expect this will be rescheduled soon." ---end update...

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel--likely to run for mayor in the wake of Mayor Daley's surprise decision not to seek another term--hits Chicago in a few days for a series of fund-raisers for House candidates. But it will be his first time in the city since he is in play for City Hall and reporters are certain to hunt him down to ask him if he is going to leave the White House to run. Then there is the matter of timing--does he leave the White House before the mid-term elections? Nominating petitions--with 12,500 valid signatures--are due Nov. 22.

Emanuel is headlining a fund-raiser private dinner Sunday at 6 p.m. for Rep. Debbie Halvorson (D-Ill.) who is in a tight re-election contest over at the Lux Bar, 18 E. Bellevue Place.

On Monday, he is the draw for a breakfast for Rep. Betsy Markey (D-Col.) at the Clifford Law Offices, 120 La Salle and a lunch at the Metropolitan Club at the Willis Tower for Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fl.).

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Typical Chicago politics! Daley's much needed announcement was not even 24 hours old and the next Mayor of Chicago has already been selected/anointed. Just what we need - a union loving far left liberal to lead Chicago out of its biggest ever fiscal mess. The only good news is that I bet Rahm will find a way to spend himself out of this crisis (with our tax dollars). He already has driven the Federal Government far into the red with his ineffectual ideas/actions. Now let him continue his successes in Chicago.
I would rather see Blago take the job. He may be a crook but at least he wouldn't pull the kind of stuff the Rahm did with Obama.

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