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Rahm Emanuel Daley statement begs question of whether he will run for mayor


White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel released a statement Tuesday afternoon about Mayor Daley not seeking another term--he said he was "surprised"--but his comment gave no clue about whether he will run for the job.

"While Mayor Daley surprised me today with his decision to not run for reelection, I have never been surprised by his leadership, dedication and tireless work on behalf of the city and the people of Chicago," Emanuel said in a statement.


We would be lucky to get Emanuel as our mayor.

Rahm seems to most talented and knowledgeable to take over. I wouldn't trust anyone to step into his place.

We are trying to unload all the crooks now.

Rahm will never get my vote, for he has already contributed too much to the fiasco in WASHINGTON, D.C. We need someone entirely different!!!! Maybe a strong and very bright female without connections to D.C., Congress or the White House.

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