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Obama acknowledges failure to close Guantanamo

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President Obama, at his Friday press conference on failed promise to close Guantanamo: "Well, the -- you know, we have succeeded on delivering a lot of campaign promises that we made. One where we've fallen short is closing Guantanamo. I wanted to close it sooner. We have missed that deadline. It's not for lack of trying. It's because the politics of it are difficult."

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what happened with the transfer of prisoners to the Thompson Correctional facility in Illinois? ...seems at every turn where Obama wants to correct the wrongs of the past...our wonderful Republican zealots try blocking progress and then blame him. When Rush said that he wanted our new President to fail...that gave a green light to ultra conservative to go against any rational thought just to prove a political point. Okay democrats...get out there this fall and prove these right winged nut jobs wrong...

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