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Mayoral election day in Washington D.C. in Fenty vs Gray showdown


WASHINGTON---The streets around my northwest Washington neighborhood were full of campaign workers today--primary day in this city where the winner of the Democratic mayoral primary basically has the race clinched. Incumbent Mayor Adrian Fenty is fending off a big challenge from City Council chairman Vince Gray. A big issue is education--and Fenty's hiring of Washington schools chief Michelle Rhee. Gray--who has the backing of the teachers union-- would not say if he would keep Rhee if elected.

As in Chicago, Washington votes along racial lines. While both Fenty and Gray are African Americans, if Fenty is defeated tonight, it will be in part because he lost support in the city's African American communities. The rap on Fenty is that he played to white, wealthier communities. Though Fenty endorsed Obama during his presidential primary, Obama did not return the favor and help out Fenty, even though he asked.


President Obama please understand, we see your pattern. If you feel that a person will win with ease, you are there for them. If you feel that they will hurt your win percentage, you will abandon them. The same may happen to you in 2012 my friend.

I see now there is hope for peaceful Obama to have the same darkness in him as Rom Emmanuel. Any man wanting the full power of Chicago Mayor, and knowing what he's getting into, dark side, big sting for crooked cash on Fed Side every ten years. with Obama having that kinda guy as his Chief of Staff, I see Obama in a position to go ahead and tell Iran, "Enough" and possibly having to invade again for weapons of mass destruction. The difference in Iran will be that the Civilian Population is too educated for the Ayatollahs to remain in power and Iranians remain in a secular state.. They crave democracy almost as bad as we who know no other way for our land and our life.

Obama is got alot of Chicago Political Scrub in him and he knows how thigs run. I lived in Chicago and never saw such a lawless (by Judges, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Inspectors for anything, and the Feds use to do 20 yr stings on Chicago, arresting hundreds of Officials..they now do it every 10 years, sometime at the end of the 80's after I left. I love Chicago, but I now see a darker, harder, and more devious administration with Obama, that I like even more

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