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KIrk running positive, negative spots in Illinois Senate race

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GOP Illinois Senate candidate Rep. Mark Kirk is running two spots: on Sunday in Chicago I saw the spot slamming rival Democrat Alexi Giannoulias on taxes; the other spot is an appeal to independent voters.


1 Comment

Dude, you lost me on the resume exhortation embellishment.

Kirk, I was looking for someone else beside Giannoulias to vote for. But I guess the old saying is true. "Pay attention to the one telling the least amount of lies." And my friend you got off to an extremely poor start.

Alexi G. get my vote by default. Unless he do something really stupid there is no way you will get my vote. If it happens, I will skip that box and vote for the other political offices.

It is hard being an Independent voter, but my Dad told me once "Oh, so you want to be a grownup and independent huh?" He stated he couldn't wait to view life decisions I would make. Now I know why he had such a smirk and laughed at the same time.

God Bless You Dad!
At least you told me the truth!

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