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Kirk campaign going after Giannoulias again on Bright Start college loan program

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Illinois GOP Senate nominee Mark Kirk talks about education Wednesday in a town hall in Lake County and wants the event to throw the spotlight back on Democratic rival Alexi Giannoulias, the state treasurer, over failures in his Bright Start college savings program.

From the Kirk campaign perspective, Giannoulias has two big Achilles heels: Bright Start and his career as a banker--almost every Kirk press release refers to Giannoulias as "mob banker" as if it were his official title.

Kirk is hosting a town hall with employees over at Abbott Labs, a drug maker with headquarters in Kirk's House district. I'm told his speech will focus "on the importance of science and education for the future of our state and economy."

A Kirk spokesperson told me his "speech will contrast with Alexi Giannoulias' Bright Start issue where he lost millions in college savings for Illinois families - a central issue in this campaign. "

After the speech, Kirk will hold a media availability. Excerpts of Kirk's speech passed on to me have him coming out against dropping out of school, anti-gangs and for NASA's Constellation space exploration program, which President Obama proposed ending.

Kirk Wednesday speech excerpts....

...I am calling for a national conversation about mandating the completion of all four years of high school to ensure every American receives a high school diploma. We should no longer accept the premise that kids can drop out of school...with little hope of beating kids from Norway, Japan or China in a globalized economy. ...

...We have seen gang violence here in Chicago tear communities apart. Well, enough is enough. The ATF, the FBI, the DEA, state and local law enforcement must join hand in hand to take down leaders of the top gangs that threaten our communities: starting with the Latin Kings, Vice Lord "Nation" and moving down the list from there. ...

...just as nations like China, India and Brazil ramp up their own space programs, this administration has committed to abdicate America's position as the preeminent space-faring nation. ... I profoundly disagree with the decision to scrap the Constellation program and to leave the United States with no way for Americans to reach outer space once the shuttle is mothballed. ...

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