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Glenn Beck mocks Michelle Obama's healthy food drive at Right Nation convention


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HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILL.---Five thousand conservative true believers cheered Fox News host Glenn Beck and other right-leaning firebrands at Right Nation 2010 in Hoffman Estates on Saturday night in a call-to-arms 45 days before Election Day.

With his trademark chalkboard behind him, Beck invoked God, the Constitution and Thomas Jefferson.

"We are 40 days from fundamentally changing America,'' Beck said. ". . . What the Tea Party movement wants is an end to out-of-control spending, an end to the insanity, an end to the growth in government that is gobbling everything up.''

He also ridiculed first lady Michelle Obama's campaign to get people to eat healthier snacks like apples or carrots.

"Get away from my french fries, Mrs. Obama," Beck warned. "First politician that comes up to me with a carrot stick, I've got a place for it. And it's not in my tummy."

Beck railed against the media establishment, but then stopped himself and said, "I know that's a little of the pot calling the kettle ... I know I'm part of the media establishment."

Bill Brady, the Republican nominee for governor, and his running mate, Jason Plummer, and other conservative GOP candidates asked this crowd not just for their votes but for their feet on the ground on Election Day.

"We're doing well in the polls, but we want you to think we're down," Brady said, before referencing Chicago's history of vote fraud. "There's one city that might steal four or five points from me on the night before the election. . . . We need your help."

Speakers mocked Chicago's history of vote fraud, Illinois' penchant for sending governors to prison and Illinois' gift of Democrat Barack Obama to the country.

"Will you raise your right hand and swear you will stop sending politicians to the rest of us, until you get it right?" Beck told the crowd of mostly-Illinois residents, though people did fly in from around the country, including former House Republican Leader Dick Armey from Texas.

They slammed health-care reform and the education bureaucracy.

"The role of the federal government is not to pick out doctors -- it's to defeat radical jihadists,'' U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan said. "The role of the federal government is not to educate our children. It's to rush to the border and seal our borders."

Moderates such as Illinois GOP Senate nominee Mark Kirk stayed away from Saturday's event.

But it did attract Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Mike Labno. His 6-year-old daughter Emily told attendees as they came in that her father is "the only pro-life, pro-gun candidate for Senate."

"Let's face it - there is no Republican in this race," Labno said as he greeted attendees on the way in.

Inside the arena, when conservative commentator Phil Kerpen urged the audience to vote for Kirk, more people applauded than booed.

Thanks to Illinois' "special election" for senator, Kirk could go to Washington six weeks early, in time to add a 42nd Republican vote against any bills the Democrats try to pass in December's 'Lame Duck' session before what is expected to be a more-Republican senate is sworn in January 3.

"Whatever you think of Mark Kirk, he has made a clear promise to block everything in the lame-duck session and we need that," Kerpen said to cheers and some boos.

Before the event kicked off, about 200 protesters joined in song and prayer outside.

"Let's not kid ourselves -- this is about racism," said the Rev. Rodney Reinhart, an Episcopal pastor from Harvey. "It's because we have a black man in the White House. This is about money. You have to pay $1,600 to get your picture taken with Glenn Beck."

About 140 people reportedly paid to get their picture taken with Beck. Money raised will be used to help conservative candidates.


What on earth is wrong with Glenn Beck? EVERYTHING.

Maybe he would prefer to go back to the drunk, stupid and do nothing days of Bush

Illinois voters if you want a Morning DJ turned TV crying clown to help you pick our States representatives because we cant get it right, then you go right ahead. Us informed voters will continue to send State representatives turned USA PRESIDENT.

Racism is loose and on the prowl, and Beck and his cohorts are spewing venom bigtime!
The poor lady that won in Delaware has something in common with Palin, they both have dabbled in witchcraft!
The Tea Party is taking down GOP incumbents, but can they win the big one, or are they quitters like Sarah Palin, she couldn't take the heat so she quit as Governor of Alaska, and now she has joined Beck, Hannity, and Rush, she is making big money on the speaking circuit, I want her to run for President and I bet President Obama does too!

I was at the rally, and Glenn Beck made just one comment about Michelle Obama's healthy food drive during his entire presentation. Why is it that this is what you mention in your headline? It was a completely insignificant comment in an hour of significant comments by Glenn Beck. It just reminds me once again that the media has no desire to report unbiasedly.

Glen Beck is like 1-of those traveling snake-oil salesmen or creepy Religious zealot of the 1800's.

They managed to pull the wool over un-suspecting folks head while taking their money...

I bet if you check Beck's and Palin's tax forms the last 2-years, their income probably went up 5,000%.

I can't wait for this 2- huckster to get called out, or admit they were just in it for the money.

Dumb mis-guided folks always looking for a hero.

Maybe Beck can move all disaffected folks to "Beckville" a la Jim Jones. Just(REMEMBER) say "no thanks" if he offers you a drink of kool-aid...

What a dumbbutt! I know Michelle isn't white: I also know she graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School while Glen Beck was snorting coke. Those facts are indisputable.

Now to have the old cokehead making fun of the Harvard Law graduate, presumably because he's white [probably from the bleaching effect of cocaine] is too funny to imagine!


Can I pay $1600 NOT to get my photo taken with Glen Beck? Ever? Under any circumstances?

If so, where do I send the check?

Vegetables - The new Red Menace.

Glenn Beck is awesome. He's done more good for this country than the combination every democRAT politician that ever lived.

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